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Monday , June 24 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Integromat


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We use quite many apps to accomplish our daily critical office tasks. Each app is available on its platform and boundaries. Imagine a single platform to connect all your apps, products, and services effortlessly.

For that, you do not need any programming skills, all you need is – Integromat. The tool allows you to explore the technology automation world through its platform. Connect with any app, set scenarios for them to perform, and create routers to direct their functionality as per your way in Integromat. It does each repetitive tasks on a defined time interval automatically, so you do not need to run your tasks manually repeatedly again saving a lot of time.

Eradicate chances of human errors while maintaining a lot of stuff at a time. Moreover, there are features for advanced users to perform complex integrations.

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Editions and Pricing

Free $0/month
Basic $9/month
Standard $29/month
Business $99/month
Platinum $299/month
Enterprise Contact, the team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Here, you can see all your work and associated highlights in an organized manner. You can see your current scenarios and the management of other widgets like web hooks, keys, your devices, organization, and others. A user can create scenes direct from this interface. Also, it notifies you regarding any update or alteration in any file.

A script is a name for the task in Integromat that has to be completed. Create a situation within a few clicks. The frame consists of tools that help you to manage the current scenario settings. You can run it to check its working and can save your configuration. The log feature here formulates all the relevant activities performed during the scenario run.

The flexible plot icon is moved anywhere on the frame and controlled by auto align placing it at the correct position.

While forming scenario, a user can attach new app’s integration manually to link the functionality from one platform to another. You can explore the ready-to-integrate templates or can connect with your choice of the application within a click.


Filter comes with every connection, which is helpful to transmit only the required values to the next application. These filters are easy to implement for a non-coder and relevant for an advance user.

Integromat_Error_HandlerError Handler
While running the scenario if it anyhow not completed due to an error, that error is shown by the product in the log. It illustrates the transparency of the system so he can get what the choking point of the operation is and that can be removed for smooth functioning.


Mobile Accessibility

The mobile version of the app is ready but currently, under testing.


Since the app is an integration service provider, it has a huge stock of apps whom with it integrates. The integrated apps are as follows: modules, analytics apps, cloud platforms, database apps, development apps, e-commerce apps, email apps, file management apps, info services, mobile service, multimedia apps, productivity apps, publishing apps, and social platform apps. Every popular app is available here including Google Analytics, Dropbox, Google Drive, PayPal, Gmail, MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram, Evernote, and much more.


The support center of the app includes help center and FAQs. Additionally, you can send an email to the team.

Pros and Cons of Integromat


  • Any time toggle the guide of a page.
  • Advanced technical filters.
  • Available activity history for each scenario.
  • Easy to Label a filter.


  • Option for deleting a filter is not available.
  • Cannot search a scenario or filter based on their labels.


  • Account verification option is present.
  • Displayed in two languages – English and Cesky.
  • With one right click can connect a new scenario.

For more details, please visit Integromat website.

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