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Monday , April 15 2024

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Project planning Tools for small business Product Review- HiveFlux

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Management of projects and teams is the way to a successful path. As the modern technology is emerging in the work culture, it poses new challenges for the management of sources.

HiveFlux is one of the best project planning tool the solution for such cases that helps to build smarter teams so that they can work together providing quicker results. HiveFlux has easy, transparent, and active features are helpful for your teams and their associated tasks.

This real-time task management app is useful for creating projects, tasks, and events with a click. The inbuilt time tracking capability of the app lets a user get the time that has been spending towards completing a task.

With HiveFlux, even share files within your teams making them available for everyone. The private and public mode provide security to the project content. The tool is a whole management mantra for the new teams.

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Editions and Pricing

Startup $19/month 3 Active users 1 GB Files
Studio $49/month 10 Active users 5 GB Files
Business $99/month 20 Active users 15 GB Files
Corporate $149/month 30 Active users 40 GB Files
Enterprise $249/month 50 Active users 100 GB Files

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Create projects faster in the app to accomplish your work. You will not lack in any task of yours in HiveFlux. The progression of the project is enlisted and represented as the activity log to keep you updated. You can change the color for an individual project. You can make a project and its important tasks public or private.

You can create tasks for a project or independent. HiveFlux offers to allot the tasks to any of the teammate. You can set the deadlines for a work with assumed time slot require to finish it. Moreover, set when to repeat them within the app only.

The set dates and deadlines for a particular task is represented in the timetable so you can track them as per the schedule view. With the help of this overview, you can see the workload of the team members finding their whole schedule for the month and can manage it better.

With just a single click you can add and assign a task instantly. You can mention the location as well. Also, the frame shows the upcoming events.

The app allows the user to submit files of any type to the projects and tasks. The user can upload a file as per the category or can make a new group for it and can associate it with pre-made projects. You can track last uploaded files, can share and see the data amongst the teammates, and can download the media files either.

The great filter is the notable feature here. You can extract the files based on their types; be it a document, application, or a multimedia record.

For this team product, managing the team well is also an important feature. You can invite a new user by mentioning his role, email, and deciding on his responsibility.


Whether the user should be the Admin, Manager, or a mere user; as all these responsibilities have different permissions that will be assigned to the new user. The option of following and unfollow will let you track their activities. You can create outside groups for different users that are working on the same project.

Mobile Accessibility

The app is present as the mobile-friendly version.


Currently, HiveFlux integrates with the Slack app only.


Its support system includes a Guide, FAQs, email and phone support.

Pros and Cons of HiveFlux


  • Simply beautiful interface and intuitive dashboard.
  • Public or Private mode of projects.
  • Shows recently uploaded files.
  • A quick view of all the data.


  • No tab of ‘Save.’
  • Some calendar options in project section do not work.
  • Slow navigations.
  • Hard to locate Logout.

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  • Task broadcasting amongst connected members.
  • The urgent task in the dashboard.
  • External groups.
  • One clicks branding with company name and logo.

For more details, please visit HiveFlux website.

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