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Monday , June 24 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- BIM Track

collaboration-tools-product-review-bim-trackBIM Track is one of the best & most amazing applications that can be adopted by firms for collaboration and coordination purpose. The product acts as a central hub for all the coordination information offering access to data anytime, anywhere and via any device you wish to.

Powerful reporting capabilities such as charts and graphs help to understand data and information more wisely and help in taking more informed and accurate business decisions.


Editions and Pricing

The pricing plans for the product are as under:

Free $0 Up to 50 issues
Premium $95 per month Unlimited issues
Growing $195 per month Unlimited Issues

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

BIM Track- ManageHubManage Hubs
You can create unlimited projects with the help of a hub. The hub cam also is customized by naming it and uploading a dedicated logo that is to be displayed during the automated communications such as email notifications, etc. Users can see your company logo and can now connect to a project by accessing a custom domain name.


BIM Track- ManageProjectManaging the Projects
The product allows you to create, update and remove projects. The pricing policy remains the same whether you have 1 or 100 projects. The plan includes a unlimited number of projects. You can build a project by adding details such as:

  • Issues
  • Users
  • Team
  • Zones
  • Phases
  • Status
  • Types
  • Labels
  • Priorities, etc.

BIM Track- Managing theIssuesManaging The Issues
The issue exchange process is highly simplified through this application. This was also integrated all the project coordination information at one single place through a simple-to-use tool that is always available anywhere and anytime for you.



BIM Track- TrackPerformanceThroughMetrices Track Performance Through Metrics
This feature offers an instant overview of the project coordination and performance through intelligent and visual project metrics. This feature can help you better understand the market needs and trends and can help you take better and informed decisions about your business.



BIM Track- The3DModelThe 3D Models
You can import and display IFC model files online and explore them using the navigation tools. The “Add Issue” feature engages more people in progress, allowing them to create markups and issues using the web platform and also share them with other BIM users.



BIM Track- ReportingReporting
Efficient and effective reporting can help you track your progress. The reports can be easily created, are flexible and can be easily shared with fellow team members to make them aware of various projects.



Mobile Accessibility

The application is flexible to be used on any and every device that connect to the internet. Along with the desktop web browsers, the application, can be used on mobile and tablet devices and Android as well as iOS platforms.


The product works with powerful Autodesk add-ins. You can access information quickly resolving issues as BIM Track works with Revit and Navisworks Add –ins. Other combinations include:

  • Vectorworks
  • DDS-CAD, etc.


The tool offers email support to all its customers. You can email the team on different addresses for general information as for sales and technical Support.

Pros and Cons of BIM Track


  • Highly efficient and flexible to use the collaborative tool.
  • Manages almost all aspects of a project and its processes.


  • Being highly robust, users expect most strong support such as video tutorial and live online chat.

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  • Collaboration as well as effective project management platform.
  • Easy to use and understand with powerful visual reporting capabilities.

For more details, please visit BIM Track website.

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