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Friday , April 12 2024

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Best collaboration tools product review- Clouco


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Managing contacts is difficult. Moreover, with the sociological expansion, people have increased the ways to reach out them. Contact management is thus, become a need to maintain all the information regarding a person at one place. As the world is going digital, so should be the contact cards. Clouco Space is preserving both the requirements.

Clouco which is one of the top collaboration software Space behaves as a contact manager that stores all your and your team’s contacts at one place including their names, home address, social addresses, phone, email, and others.

You no more need to spend hours on searching the Facebook page of Mr. Employee No. 101, all you need is Clouco Space. This is an address book solution for teams. Teams can collaborate on their targeted clients contact details. It allows a user or administrator to create a private space, which is similar to a group. The user can add team members in a space to collaborate with them. Any user can make new space as per the requirement.

Small size teams to medium sized businesses can leverage the tool with efficient results. Moreover, the app is useful to maintain the contact list for freelancers.

Editions and Pricing

Currently, the tool is in beta version. It is available with no price tags.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Cloucospaces_news_feedNews Feed
All activities are clearly visible in this news feed. Whenever you or your team members perform any update in the contact information of the team’s data, comes in the news feed. In this manner, team members are always updated with the information regarding your business connections.


The team section provides the list of team members associated with space. The administrator can add as well as delete any team member, unlike other team members who can only invite new members. Basically, any space can be created with the administrator role.


Cloucospaces_Contact_InformationContact Information
You can edit your profile settings and make changes as per your requirement. The tool consumes personal as well as professional details including email, phone, and social network addresses. These all information will be displayed as your business card in the tool. People and team members can use these cards to make contacts with each other.


Mobile Accessibility

There is no dedicated mobile app for the tool. However, it works with every device via web browsers.


Currently, the app does not provide integration with any other app.


A user can send an email regarding any query to the support team.

Pros and Cons of Clouco Spaces


  • Import contacts.
  • One-step, contact creation.
  • A user can create unlimited private spaces.
  • Quick contact search.
  • Real-time editing in contacts and activity feed.


  • It does not show pending invitations.
  • No option of notifications regarding invitation request.
  • Adding a filter will work as an add-on for extracting the contacts with full speed.


Create spaces with the suitable team and store all vital addresses of your contacts with this contact management app.

For more details, please visit Clouco website.

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