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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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From AI To VR- 3 Technologies To Watch Out For In 2017

From-AI-To-VR- 3-Technologies-To-Watch-Out-For-In-2017Digital technology is no more a suspense and new terminology for any of the business assets as well as for the common users. Professional and personal, both areas are acquiring the digital world solutions to serve the basic and advanced purposes. While one can be aware of the digital concept, but what else it can bring on the floor is unprecedented. There is limitless scope in the technology.

2016 has seen and implemented some dynamic aspects of digital such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. It thus increased the expectation and the variety of similar platforms. Furthermore, it would be the key focus to know about the upcoming technologies in the field.

Artificial Intelligence

We have moved to smart technologies and creations. Robots are helping us in accomplishing our tasks. However, this will attain advanced level with the creation of self-aware robots. This promising sector will provide some imaginary innovations into reality. Science and engineering are targeting above this AI including machine learning and voice recognition with chatbots and other automation agents.

Automation is the new cool in technology.

AI is not limited to the big enterprise resources, but also emerging startups are paying attention to it. A wide range of sectors will be implementing AI including ERP, healthcare, retail stores, e-commerce, and others. There is already use of AI in the informative security range for serving relevancy in the market.

AI will bring automation as the practical implementation for tracing the people’s work and adopting by the robots.


The financial sector has leveraged people with digital technology solutions regarding their finances. The digital economy is best managed by the fintech ventures, which will be one of the leading sectors in terms of technology. Digitization in payment will grow in 2017 with many leading players.

The fastest growing financial segment is providing service to the whole of the world with wide establishment and resources everywhere. The online tracking and adopting system of finance are targeting secure channels for payments towards convenient solutions for users. Fintech platforms acquire digital identity with the verifiable system to access the online processes with preventing fraud and handling costs for services.

Virtual Reality

Reality has gained a new recognition in the form of virtual environment. 2016 lived the effective processing of VR and 2017 will leverage the technology with more untold and extraordinary aspects. VR brings the room to life making more immersive and impactful solutions for customers. VR has values in many sectors including real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, retailers, and others. Moreover, a seamless experience in the field like commerce can target best business representation and fill the gap of user-experience. This is an interesting and one of the most effective technology as per the viewpoint of business.


AI, Cybersecurity, and Fintech technology sectors will see a boom in the 2017 year. The businesses specifically will leverage the services with robust and fast systems and tools. Thus, 2017 will bring emerging technologies to ease the industrious work and maintain secure channels of the day-to-day work of people and businesses.

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