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Monday , April 15 2024

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3 Ways to Make Your Content and Campaigns Stick

3-Ways-to-Make -Your-Content-and-Campaigns-StickIn the current world, marketing has become a huge noise for the customers. Everyone are marketing their products and services. Thus, a real issue for the marketers is to raise above all these noises to reach their customers. Competition is everywhere and to make a campaign or content stick; one needs to find new tricks.

In the current world of technology, the human touch is missing nowadays. Everything is automated and thus being human is one of the best ways. Business-to-consumer thoughts will drive more customers rather than a business-to- business thinking.

Interactive Content

It is always better to create an interactive content so that the buyers feel a two-way communication. Therefore, the content should be so engaging that the time on page or time on app increases.

New York Times recorded its traffic and found that breaking news with games and quizzes has higher interactions compared to in-depth content. Even though puzzles and games are not new, they are attracting more audience.

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There are several solutions to come up with interactive content. However, knowing different formats, their costs, and benefits is the first thing to do. After knowing the formats, it important to filter out the methods which might not interest your audience. Implement the winning concept once the format is narrowed down.

Personalize your content

Your customers are not only your customers. They experience a lot of marketing noises from various businesses. The only way to break through the noise is to personalize the content. To draft a personalized content, you need to have a sophisticated marketing automation platform that listens to your customer’s action and behavior.

Traditional marketing techniques such as sending a direct mail could also be more effective. More than 70% of the American’s feel that snail mail is more personalized compared to the internet. However, personalized emails could be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are solutions for this issue in the market.

Use Virtual Reality

Another method is to invite your customers to a new virtual world. Marketers, publishers and content creators to provide a virtual reality experience to their customers. Marketers and publishers have started experimenting on VR as it could be a strong medium for storytelling.

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However, to implement VR one needs a good imagination as well as a better understanding of the products and the audience. According to a report from a Wall Street Journal, there is a lack of good content in the market. The marketers can grab this opportunity to tell their story in an entirely new way.

The Bottom Line

There are many other methods that can be implemented apart from these methods. However, practicing principles of engagement marketing and exploring different ways to resonate with the customers should be a never ending process.

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