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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Clkim

Marketing-tools-product- review-clkimA lengthy URL not only occupies more space but might also frighten or annoy the person seeing it. So how do we reduce its length? We cannot remove anything from a lengthy link just to make it small. If we do so, the link will break.

If you are worried, the Clkim is what you need. It is a branded platform that shortens your URL and turns ordinary links to trackable. The site also makes the links monetizable, which works both online and offline. The users can have a complete control on the links and the clicks on them.

Editions and Pricing

The tool has four editions and provides a free trial for 14 days.

Plan Pricing Features
Core $10 per month
  • Branded Links
Starter $30 per month
  • Branded Links
  • Smart Redirects
Business $70 per month
  • Branded Links
  • Smart Redirects
  • Retargeting on Click
Expert $100 per month
  • Branded Links
  • Smart Redirects
  • Retargeting on Click
  • Link Monetization

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard shows a consolidated report and statistics, associated with all the links created on clkim. You can track various details like clicks, traffic type, monthly stats, and much more.


product_review_clkim_short_url_listShort URL List
Using length links may annoy people. With Clkim, you can shorten your links. These links will be short and will redirect to your lengthy page links.

You can add multiple links and create short links for all the links. You can easily view all the short links of all your URL’s.

product_review_clkim_url_settingURL Setting
You can set a URL and perform several other operations on the URL. The tool generates a QR code generated for the URL that you add. You can also add a password to your URL’s so that unauthorized people do not view it. There are open graphs, special redirects, and tracking for each URL.


With Clkim, you can view the graphical reports on the number of clicks and the URL. The reports are interactive with options to view in different time durations.

The tool also allows the users to add monetization and view the active monetization at any time. The users can also add “fallbacks” to activate “anti-ad block fallbacks”.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is currently available as a web application. It is not available as a mobile application, but you can still use it on mobile browsers.


The tool provides various integrations. It integrates with Chrome and Firefox with its extensions for each. The tool also integrates with WordPress and Zapier. The developers can integrate with the tool through the developer API of the tool.


The team provides support through FAQ’s, resources, blogs, and by sending a message through the website. The users can also contact the team through the email address and the skype id provided on the website. The website also provides a link to the social network accounts of the tool such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Pros and Cons of Clkim


  • Easy to shorten lengthy URLs.
  • Easy to export the list of short URLs.
  • An effective way to monetize.


  • The tool may not recognize a domain sometimes and in such case, technical manual setups need to be implemented.


The ability to track every link and the number of clicks differentiates the tool from other alternatives.

For more details, please visit Clkim Website

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