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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Email Tools Product Review-Sendpulse


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Marketing is no more mouth publicity. This digital era has made way for interactive online marketing. Email subscription is one of that marketing strategy. It is one of the best ways to reach your target audience within seconds.

However, there is one problem with this approach that is, no one can ensure the number of open rates. But, no worries technology helps here as well. Digital tool Sendpulse not only increases the open rates but also increases conversion rates with its customizable email templates. Given below are the specifications of the tool which will help you understand its functionality.

Editions And Pricing

Sendpulse offers varied pricing depending upon the customer’s requirements. The pricing for email services, SMTP services, SMS service, and Push services have been being described below.

Email Services

Free Plan Free
  • Supports up to  2500 subscribers
  • Send up to 15,000 emails per month
Monthly Subscription $9.85 – $7000 (as per number of subscribers)
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Emails
Pay as you go $32 – $13000 (as per number of messages)
  • Pay only for numbers of email send
VIP Plan Contact Customer Care pricing details
  • Manage more than 1 million subscribers
  • Plan regular mailing program

SMTP Services

Monthly Subscription $8.85 – $274.85 (as per number of messages)
  • 12,000 emails free
  • Set a monthly threshold of email service
Pay as you go $15 – $780 (as per number of messages)
  • 12,000 emails free
  • Pay only for the number of messages sent

SMS Prices

Signing-up to the tool provides you with 10 free messages, after which the prices of SMS vary according to the geographic location of the place where the message is to be sent.

Push Services

The Push service of the Sendpulse is available free of cost.

Capabilities And Supporting Set of Features

Email Services

Email service of the tool helps organizations to send emailer messages to their customers on a regular basis. The tool has built-in templates which help curate interactive emails, which automatically increases the open rates. Using the email service of the tool following operations are possible.

Create Mailing List
A new mailing list containing the email addresses of the customers can be created, which helps to organize campaigns at a future date. Additionally, the tool allows the user to import the already created mailing list for a quick operation.

Furthermore, the mailing list can be segmented based on the preferences and requirements of the customer encouraging personalized emailing.

Creating Email
The tool incorporates drag and drop editor which allows the user to create an email based on inbuilt templates and HTML editor. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to personalize the email to exhibit customized marketing.

Create Campaigns
Similar to emails, you can curate campaigns using the tool. Various templates available helps in creating an interactive campaign which never goes unnoticed. The emailer list stored in the tool help to promote the campaign to various subscribers.

The user can analyze the progress of any campaign and the emailing service using the reports published by the tool. Based on the activities performed within, the tool generates reports which help to assess the number of open rates and customer engagement.

Email Automation
The tool supports email automation. It requires the user to set the start date and then at a regular interval of time the tools sends emails to all the subscribers.

Furthermore, the emails can be triggered based on certain actions. For example, when a user subscribes an email is sent.

Subscription forms
Interactive and appealing subscription forms can be created using the available tools of the template. The subscription forms feature works for Emails, Push Services, SMTP, and AI.

Push Services

The web push service of the tool to send an instant notification to the subscribers enlightening them about the recent news, offers, and discounts running on your website. The benefit of this service it that it can be accessed on a desktop or a mobile phone based on subscriber’s preference.

The notification features let you get notifications right on your dashboard without any efforts. This feature keeps you on the track saving time and efforts needed to open the application and track progress.


Push Automation
Now you can set up a series of web notifications for your subscribers. Create an automated series that keeps your subscribers connected all the time.


With the SMTP services, you can fully integrate the application’s SMTP server into your own CMS, CRM, or another system. You can then send emails directly to your customers with your own online system. For this, the application provides complete API documentation and the SMTP service with all the personal settings that you need on the SMTP server.

You can manage statistics regarding mailing history and delivery errors through SMTP services.



Managing Unsubscribers
SMTP also lets you manage the unsubscribers of the application. You can add an unsubscribed email if you don’t want someone to receive your emails.



The AI feature is another value-added feature that offers additional email personalization. This also helps in optimization of message timing and delivery preference. The AI facility also leads to conversation improvement with content and subject optimization. The AI feature is currently unavailable in the application but is expected to be implemented in the near future.

Mobile Accessibility

Sendpulse is available on mobile platforms as well. Now you can use it on any device and anywhere you go.


Sendpulse offers a number of integrations to make the application more powerful. Integrations are available for

  • API
  • Slack
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • CMS, and
  • Other Systems


  • Sendpulse offers a dedicated Help center for all its users. This section lets you share your inquiries and concerns with the support team.
  • The platform also offers a live chat option to get immediate responses to queries.
  • Glossary and e-mail marketing terms
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video

Pros and Cons of Sendpulse


  • Highly powerful application with a number of integrations to make email marketing easy.
  • The subscriber forms feature lets you collect your subscriber’s emails easily.


  • This can be a very heavy application for a small enterprise with small projects.
  • A page cannot be configured after it is submitted, in exchange for displaying a message.


  • The Sendpulse push notifications can reach up to 200 countries, which makes it ideal for multinational companies.
  • Web push works together with emails, is free and easy to implement.

For more details, please visit the Sendpulse website.

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