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Friday , April 19 2024

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Emphasizing Importance of Virtual Interviews over Traditional Interviews

emphasizing-importance-of-virtual-interviews-over-traditional-interviewsWhen the world is trying to put their company on the top, it is important for the company to have a good sum of employees. Employees are one significant factor that drives success towards the organization. The success or failure of the company rest on the quality of people works within it. Thus, it is important to give attention to the hiring process as it can have an impact on financial of the company.

While the company is trying to create value from each of the investments, hiring and firing can be a little expensive. The reason being once hired an employee but could not get expected returns then firing becomes the next step. Meanwhile, this process is going on, the company is not able to move forward, and thus, it creates an overall loss. In between all the mishappening and generation of loss, the blame goes on the traditional process of hiring.

To overcome this, virtual or digital interviews came into existence for the good. Virtual interviews came into existence to bring efficiency to the business. Resumes cannot distinguish the good and not-so-good thing. Hence, making co-ordination for the availability of recruiter and job seeker causes everlasting delays. Furthermore, recruiter’s ability to judge the potential and learn about every interviewee gets lower as the list increases. Hence, deciding upon a one or two out of the lot becomes difficult.

On the other hand, virtual interviews are much safer and technology allows examining the candidate in a several ways. Virtual interviews let the candidate practice several assessments and put their best in their own comfort zone. In addition to it, a recruiter can view the information about the candidate at the press of a button and insert of a filter. A recruiter can go back and forth to access the information of candidate and make a valid decision upon the same.

The presence of social media is one prevailing good luck nowadays. Putting a vacancy on social media can bring several potential candidates in the loop. Thus, the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ is helping in bringing you the talented mass.  Recent research reveals that most of the HR Executives are harnessing the power of social media to hire. On the other hand, around 50% of the individuals are making use of smartphones to look for the job prospects. FYI, companies are also pushing the maximum use of social media for the recruitment process. They find it the simplest method to hunt talent job seekers through job portals.

The Bottom Line

Despite the fact that virtual interviews were made possible with the advancement in technology. However, personal touch should not be replaced anyway. Conclusively, virtual interviews are the best way to drive in the talented bunch but the recruiters should not miss the essence of the personal meet.

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