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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Project Management software Product Review- Preview App


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It is not easy to cope up with your team on every task, every project, and every page. It requires a management base that can make this comprehensive and effective, providing subtle detail to magnifying alternatives.

Such a transparent tool is Preview App. Preview App which is one of the best project management tool that offers numerous features to the users for accomplishing their projects efficiently in a smart way. Through this platform, a user can upload concerning pages or designs for team transparency, and their discussions reshape a final verdict. Preview App turns your ideas to prototypes in no time.

This collaborative interface teams up all associated people at a place where the administrator can authorize other participants. Collectively, it is a smooth and seamless functional desk for all your projects.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing
Free 0€
Freelance 29€
Start-up 49€
Business 99€
Company 189€
Cloud on demand Estimate

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_preview_app_kanban_viewKanban view
The Kanban board in the app presents a clean and categorized view of your projects. These projects are placed according to their processing status in the database. Project’s members can shift these cards from one category to another. It offers a perfect crisp arrangement of your tickets as well.

You can change the position of entities by drag drop. Moreover, it allows you to add tickets with a click.


At Design, you can transform your design into prototypes. Upload or drag and drop an image or website and begin on an interesting journey. Select the suitable model from many for desktop or mobile; attach a link to any part of the page, and others.


product_review_preview_app_design2Moreover, the special feature in the design, commenting helps you to set your opinion so your team members can notice. These are known as tickets, through which a task is identified because it inputs process’s priority.


In this timeline frame, you will be able to track down the acts you have performed in chronological order. It also shows the status of tickets, your profile, and vital entities. You can manage ticket list, discover the model history and web history.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, Preview app does not offer a dedicated mobile app.


The application does not allow integration with any other tool.


Users can get support for the concerning issues via email or phone.

Pros and Cons of Preview App


  • Available in two languages- English and French.
  • Comments with attachments are
  • Kanban view.
  • Horizontal or vertical customized taskbar.
  • Can export tickets.


  • Scattered interface.
  • The calendar is not clearly visible.
  • The slow functionality of the app.

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One collaborative platform for introducing and resolving all the issues of your projects.

For more details, please visit Preview App website.

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