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Friday , April 19 2024

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SaaS Tools for small business product review- Connect

Technology-Tools-product-review-connectConnect is a SaaS platform for small business, which can be used to connect different business apps in the cloud. It simplifies and automates some your complex tasks. Connect can be used to build integrations between the apps you are using, it will sync the data you use and can automate many of your daily repetitive tasks. Currently, it is capable of connecting many apps like Twitter, Salesforce, HipChat, Slack, Jira, and Webhook, etc.

Editions and Pricing

The app is available for free as it is in beta version. Afterward, it will only be free for a 30-day trial, and then it will cost $15 per month for a postpaid plan. The standard package will provide 15 connections and 3000 messages.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Connect_RealTimeDataReal-Time Data
Connect can extract information and forwards it in real time, so you can get quick access to data just when you need it. It works for most of the applications, so you don’t have to wait for relevant information or waste your time searching for an item through large amounts of data. With this, you can focus on tasks at hand and not fuss over compulsively checking the status of different applications.


Connect_AdvancedFiltersAdvanced Filters
Connect allows you to have better control over your email delivery using the built in filter which you can configure to only receive notifications of emails that concern you. The screen allows you to set individual forwarding rules specifying a subject for a particular destination or by the sender’s address. It prevents you from getting distracted by unnecessary emails.


Connect_ContentExtractionsContent Extractions
Connect can extract specific information from a large source message and forwards it to the destination. The extractions can be defined by specific keywords and can be forwarded even to apps that do not support filtering.



Connect_MultipleDestinationsMultiple Destinations
Connect gives you the capability to create your integrations to collect data from one source and forward it to multiple sources simultaneously. With its cloud application, one can read from and write easily. Connect can sync services like Email, Twitter, Webhook, Hipchat, and RSS.


Connect_OnlineOnline Service
Connect because of its cloud feature will always provide access to the latest version of the application. You will be free of the hassles of storage, maintenance, and installation.



Connect_IntegrationsIt provides seamless integration of apps like Twitter, Salesforce, Jira, Webhook, Hipchat, email, RSS, Slack.



Pros and Cons of Connect


  • Provides immediate access to data whenever you need it.
  • Avoid distraction of your mind from the emails that don’t matter much to you with the help of great filters.
  • Ability to extract and forward relevant content.
  • Easy to push information from one source to multiple destinations.


  • There are some critical applications that it does not support yet, though they are working towards including more apps like Gmail, MailChimp, and stripe.

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Connect not only allows integration of your business apps but also allows you to control and configure the flow of information amongst different apps.

For more details, please visit Connect Website.

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