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Friday , May 24 2024

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3 Tools to Turn Your WordPress-Powered Website into a Growth Engine

3-Tools-to-Turn-Your-WordPress-Powered-Website-into-a-Growth-EngineWordPress has become one of the most common and widely used platforms for website development. With its high flexibility and rich features, it has grown to be world’s most popular site building platform. The biggest reason for WordPress to become a leader is its versatility.

No matter what your design interface is, or with what back tool you wish to work. The WordPress community of developers made everything come true. The new plugins can do whatever you want. You can also build your widget and integrate it into WordPress. This open source flexibility made it the leader in web-development. Here are three tools that can help turn your WordPress website into a powerful growth engine.

Drive the Traffic Back to Your Site using Start A Fire

Publishing content that is aligned and curated with competitors proves that you are aware of the nerve of the industry and its trends. And if you share valuable and updated content, you may become visitor’s favorite go-to hub for information in the future as well.

The disadvantage of using curated web content is, you let your audience go to another website and they may never return. This practice makes you direct your visitors out of your web-presence to another place.

Start A Fire can be helpful in this case. With this excellent tool, you can add your free recommended links, called as “badge” to the URL you share. That means that readers are made to come back on your original blog as soon as they finish reading the current blog. Start A Fire can also integrate with your Social Media dashboards and email marketing platforms so that every link you share, you have a custom badge on it. This pin makes your audience return to the place they started, and you never lose them.

Convert using Content Upgrades Pro

This fantastic tool that promises to use your content to bring up to 59% of your audience as email subscribers. This clever tool offers your blog post for a content upgrade to your WordPress blog posts. This is a piece of extra content that you offer within your article.  The trick is, people can only access that unless they are opt-in with their email address. This way, the audience is likely to convert and subscribe as they are already enjoying the present content.

SumoMe giving superpowers to your website

SumoMe comes with more than a dozen incredibly powerful add-on tools that can add great functionality to your site. Seeing these many plugins may be a little overwhelming, but it not much to worry as you can use the ones you need only. This application can integrate more widgets as and when you move forward with it. SumoMe is available in a free version and is a handy tool. This tool offers some tips to help you pull in more traffic converting visitors into subscribers. The SumoMe package also holds a library to help you use different widgets and plugins for your WordPress blog.

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