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Monday , June 24 2024

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Email Tools Product Review- MailMigo


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Emails are a popular way of marketing. Besides, emails are useful in customer engagement as well. MailMigo a top email marketing software for small business is app provides its users to perform both these tasks with a simple and precise web interface. The tool is specialized in creating email campaigns to target its best customers.

MailMigo has vital widgets including email and response automation, campaign testing, and campaign analysis. Its inbuilt features allow the users to conduct valuable email marketing for their products.

Editions and Pricing

MailMigo’s pricing includes 20 editions categorized into two sections. The first section contains 10 editions that are dedicated to low volume senders (0-50,000 subscribers) starting from $8/month to $80/month. Rest 20 editions are for high volume senders (50,000-200,000 subscribers) starting from $96/month to $320/month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

MailMigo allows the user to enlist its customers into segments. The user can implement filters as segment rules to extract suitable data from extensive data and pay attention to the most responsive clients.


Mailmigo_AB_Spilt_TestingA/B Spilt Testing
Test multiple campaigns to find out the best approachable email campaign for the customers. Implement the trusted campaigns to secure customers that are more reliable. Decide the app test size and test duration as per your convenience and get results accordingly.

MailMigo_Email_AutomationEmail Automation
The app offers email automation that lets you forward emails based on the type of visitor be it a site visitor or an app user. Along with that, you can also create autoresponders so you can receive revert when set trigger get on. Decide timings when to automatically send responses.


MailMigo_Campaign_StatisticsCampaign Statistics
The user gets a complete report on his email marketing campaign. MailMigo provides detailed statistics over each attribute regarding the campaign. You can see the analysis of opened emails, clicked emails, subscriptions figure, unsubscriptions and much more. These valuable insights help you to decide the better engaging strategy for future plans.

Mobile Accessibility

MailMigo does not offer mobile accessibility as it is a web app only.


The app supports no integration with any other application.


Mailmigo’s support system includes FAQs, email support, and phone support.

Pros and Cons of MailMigo


  • The user can export reports.
  • Customized filter rules availability.
  • There are autoresponder


  • Lacks in engaged users’ information.
  • No information regarding teams and their communication medium.

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MailMigo is an app that creates a better engagement platform for your users through email marketing. With simple and handy features, the tool is a good to go marketing interface for businesses.

For more details, please visit MailMigo website.

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