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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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How LIID is Solving the Problem of Salespeople?

How-LIID-is-solving-the-Problem-of -SalespeopleLIID is a Finland-based company launched in 2014. The firm has closed a seed funding round of 250,000 euros for expansion of its global reach. The funds were led by Riku Asikainen.

This one of the best crm tool for small buisness is especially available for salespeople which help them to save their quality time. They can utilize that time in more customer-oriented work.

The app allows a user to register sales activities involving phone calls, emails, and meetings to the CRM system. Similar to many professional apps it runs in the background and automates all CRM tasks, minimizing the manual work for the sales team.

The app also provides a built-in personal assistant that tells the user about whom to contact and when, speech-to-text notes, and essential daily to-do list. It’s all automatic features are invaluable for an organization, which make it a useful app for sales process analysis and improvement of sales operations.

Juha Herranen, the CEO of LIID shares that the critical operations like the best time to call a client, the time duration required for the biggest leads, and more can be analyzed by tracking sales activities.

Updating of CRM needs around 30-45 minutes of time by a salesperson. Lack of time has been a critical issue for the sales sector. LIID helps the industry by offering quality automatic functionality. This feature helps them to invest time in other relevant tasks of their work. On an average five new companies, everyday installs LIID for CRM.

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The Bottom Line

The company is planning to expand its online presence. The product doesn’t support some of the CRMs. Therefore, the team would be ensuring app’s integration with some of the CRMs from Pipedrive, Sugar CRM, and SuperOffice. Their upcoming plans include more team members, product upgrades, developing a robust online sales channel.

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