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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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10 Productivity Hacks and Time Management Tips to Simplify Your Work Day

10-productivity-hacks-and-time-management-tips-to-simplify-your-work-dayWith increasing work streams and flexibility, work life has become more complex demanding better time management skills and execution. Specifically, in freelancing, where you are your own boss, no time limitations, no politics, self-made rules and time, you need to handle your work with care. It raises the tougher role for you in making better time management for simplified work day at home. We have brought you productivity hacks helping you to manage your time in improved ways.

Stick to a Routine

Routine is a very efficient way to transform your daily work list into the execution mode. As a freelancer, your work environment is different from office people; hence, you need to make a routine. Once you start with it on a regular basis, your mind and body will start implementing it automatically for all your daily projects.

Create Work List for Each Day

Structuring your day with the list of work or to-dos is effective for resulting into more productivity. The visibility of day throughout provides motivation and clear thoughts in mind. With each completing task and work done, you will feel productive; so, it is vital that you create realistic goals per day for moving ahead in your work.

Get Refreshed for Brain Intensive Items

Freshness emits the power and capability to perform tough tasks with ease. You can target and can tackle them smoothly after having a hot shower, a hot coffee, or a hot breakfast. In contrast, navigating to a big project in afternoon will probably lead you to procrastination without these energy supplements. So, stay fresh and stay active.

Jumping Jack for Undesired Tasks

Working is quite smooth and an ongoing process during the day, but you sometimes need to face nasty tasks. When you have to make an uncomfortable call, you can often choose to avoid it. Also, while sending an awkward email, excuses are natural. However, this stress needs to be tackled smartly with the instant approach. You can do jumping jacks, have coffee, and similar stress bursting activities can help you deliver quality work.

Load your Energy Power Gun in Sleeping Mode

Sleeping well can give you exciting results on the other day with fresh and active powers. Without affecting your work outcomes, avoid late shows and internet use for having enough sleep. This way your body can perform much better and can save you from being tired. Moreover, if exhausted, try to avoid the work and have a quality sleep for shining on the next day.

Reward Yourself to Work Better

Finished with the project article, time to watch social media news or cat videos. Similar small rewards can encourage you doing your work faster. The deliberate breaks’ schedule saves you from exhaustion in the middle of the working day. You can decide your own rewards, for which you need to first complete the task with focus and without distraction.

Adapt Email-Free Work Time

Emails have been blended within the work timings and out of work timings too. Checking your inbox in every 10 minutes affect your focus and eventually the speed of doing a task. Thus, to complete both the activities you have to provide dedicated time to them. Schedule timings for checking your inbox content so the work hours are not affected and results into an organized route.


Work results will get better when the input is healthy in terms of both work approach and your body state. Mental and physical fitness is necessary to roll out extra efforts for extraordinary work. Therefore, you must adopt healthy activities like exercise at least 3 times a week, get enough sleep, eat healthy, meditate, and gardening.

Go for Time Management Apps

You try to manage the time but sometimes you fail, which eventually discourages you planning further. No worries, everything is possible in this digital era implying that you need to discover the right tool for your purpose. The time management tools track where you are spending the time and how much. Restricting to these tools will make you realize the per daytime scheduling and submitting projects before the deadline.

Divide Big Projects into Small Tasks

Big projects seem horrifying, complex, and time-consuming leading towards hectic schedule and mental burden. One very efficient method to tackle this situation is breaking your project into parts you can manage easily. Focus on one part at a time, and you will accomplish the whole big project seamlessly.

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