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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Collaboration tools for small business product review- Crugo


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Conversations are important to team members for clear and concise workflow. To ensure proper communication here is an app, Crugo for you and your team. Crugo is an amazing & one of the best collaboration tool for small business is basically an app that enables simple group collaboration for the user’s groups. It helps to interact better with the team by sharing files and messages instantly and at a faster rate.

Send messages, data or feedbacks amongst the group members receive real-time replies through the portal. Make information and updates available for everyone by sharing them in the group. Tags are used as the teams’ name to store and deliver relevant data under appropriate tags making them easy to remember, easy to search and easy to correlate. The app has organized calendar, RSS feed options, to-dos and much more for best collaboration.

Editions and Pricing

Starter Free 5 Users 500MB File Limit Group & Direct Chat
Premium £5User/Month Unlimited Users 5GB File Limit Custom Subdomain

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Crugo provides the facility to communicate thoroughly across your team or group members. Contact your network in need. See who is online at real-time to make communication if needed. Sharing is caring! Share any data with Crugo’s flexible operability. It supports all type of file formats and makes them available to share and store for a user.

Search anything from people to groups, files, and messages for tracking your requirements. Crugo smartly explores and represents the results, meeting your requirement with available stuff.

The app sends messages and files instantly and makes them available to everyone within the group. No delay to transmit knowledge, no data or information leakage, for sure with Crugo. Receive a file and comment as per view, to deliver your opinion on it.


Crugo_Flexible_GroupsFlexible Groups
The core feature of Crugo includes group creations for teams and similar people for professional work with seamless transparency. Decide on flexibility options you want to provide to the team members such as chat, RSS, to-do, and others.


Mobile Accessibility

There is no mobile app available for Crugo; it is accessible as a web app only.


Crugo does not allow integration with any other app.


Crugo’s robust support system involves tutorial videos for each topic, phone support, email support and online chat availability.

Pros and Cons of Crugo


  • Secured backend system is present.
  • Bookmark shared content option.
  • The user can import CSV.


  • Interface options are not user-friendly.
  • Many options are not at all functioning.
  • Slower interface.
  • Cannot mention any group member in comments.

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A quick and straightforward collaborative tool for your one or many groups. Connect with everyone in real-time with fresh news, files, data and updates providing a collaborative approach and results.

For more details, please visit Crugo website.

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