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Sunday , July 14 2024

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3 Video Advertising Predictions For 2017

3-video-advertising-predictions-for-2017Technology is committed to new approaches that are giving emerging solutions to the world. Video advertising is one of the trending area, which has risen at a fast pace. It has proved to be creating more user engagement. Since years the video advertising has been a commercial hit in the entertainment field. However, people are opting it to succeed in the business area too, reaching to a wide audience with a precise message in an entertaining way. Indeed, this platform will bring emerging paths with new faces. Let’s have a look on important aspects in the form of predictions of video advertising in 2017.


Mobile Users Will Be The Target With Vertical Videos Adoption

Mobile is the most popular platform for the personal as well as professional requirement. The small screen of mobile acts as the hub of information and people browse from anything to everything on it. Businesses, therefore, have started targeting applications that mobile users use the most to serve their marketing tactics. Serving to mostly mobile users, vertical video establishment will enhance. The advertisers and marketers will likely to leverage digital platform as mobile-first video makers by offering information in portrait mode. People are now paying attention to the vertical video that maintains the flow. Thus, a vertical-focused experience in the mobile video will be an important area in video advertising.

360-Degree Fever will be on High

All the tech savvy are aware of the potential of VR and augmented reality. 2017 will implement more of them in for video advertising propose. Augmented reality and VR along with 360-degree approach will serve best for the personalized brand experience. The storytelling by technologies will substitute a greater impact on the viewers.

360-degree video ads will become the most targeted source to enhance the beauty of a video, where the audience can participate in. BMW and AT&T are already consuming the 360-degree video format by YouTube. VR specifically will lead in creating customer attention through the powerful innovation.

Aiming to Huge Audience with Video on Social Media

People are relying heavily on Social media via mobiles or desktops. Targeting most of the customers at social media platforms, businesses can cater video ads to the large audience at once. With the flexible changes, social media adopted, as Facebook’s live video gained much attention and heavy usage. Video ad via social media is the latest and most popular trend. Also, it brings a lot of engagement and emotional connection for the brands. It implies that in 2017, social media will serve as a key contributor for the video advertisements with live video views and reaching out to more customers fast.

The Bottom Line

As people are leaning towards video views, business will be delivering their best solutions through video ads. In this way, marketers will create products’ awareness amongst the audience in a direct manner. However, creativity will vary the results of different brands. So, it will be exciting to see who gain most business from their creative video advertising.

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