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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product Review- Meetingbird


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Meetingbird is a unique web conferencing tool that handles meetings with the project management approach. It does not treat each session like an isolated event, rather, it organizes meetings that are related to each other under a common purpose. This way, a meeting can build up on a previous meeting so the team can have more following discussions that are advancing towards a set goal. The platform is designed to maintain transparency. Some of the key features include anonymous feedbacks about meetings and information sharing.

Editions and Pricing

Name Pricing Features
Nest Free (up to 10 users)
  • Projects to organize recurring and related meetings chronologically
  • Beautiful calendar that can sync with multiple accounts
  • Meetingbird Meet – the fastest way to schedule meetings
  • Team-wide note templates
  • Real-time collaboration on meeting notes, agendas, and decisions
  • Robust note sharing via link, email, or Google Drive
  • Meeting Room Management
Flight $60 Per month (Users range can vary) Features of Nest +

  • Dedicated onboarding support
  • Dedicated account manager

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

MeetingBird_PRojectBasedMeetingsProject-based Meetings
No team has meetings that are completely isolated from the others. It helps a lot if meetings that share a common purpose can be grouped Meetingbird allows to do that.

Since Meetingbird organizes meetings in the form of projects, anyone can follow a project. If a team member is not able to attend a meeting, he could still stay informed.

MeetingBird_AnonymousFeedbackAnonymous Feedback
Meetingbird lets you have accountability in your meetings. It has anonymous feedbacks associated with each of your meetings so you can quickly find out how well a meeting worked and identified what the meetings that need improvement are.


MeetingBird_RealTimeCollaborationReal-Time Collaboration
In Meetingbird, you can edit the session content collaboratively with other team members. It has some powerful sharing features. If you are working with someone outside the team, you can share information with them by sharing a link.

MeetingBird_OnePlaceForAllOne place for all Meeting Content
You can maintain one searchable place for all of your staff’s agendas, notes, and decisions. You don’t need to go through your messed up Google docs or emails to look up essential information when you need it.


Pros and Cons of Meetingbird


  • It offers Google Calendar integration so that it will sync all of your Google calendar meetings automatically.
  • Meetingbird maintains privacy and security of your data.
  • It supports transparency in your team.


  • It would be great if it can integrate with Slack.

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Meetingbird’s project management approach to handling meetings is a brilliant way to have more purposeful, contextual and productive meetings. The interface is intuitive and fits easily into your workflow.

For more details, please visit Meetingbird website.

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