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Friday , May 24 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product Review- Skrumble


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Connectivity is important for accomplishing tasks in an organization. Missing entities can ruin the hard work leading to varied results. Talking to remote team or scheduling meeting with them can be complicated due to lack of communication. Communication can solve team issues and obstacles to a great extent. Skrumble is a wb conferencing tool that provides robust and effective communicating features so you never miss an updated share.


This single platform holds team messaging, video conferencing, and phone system. you can interact with other people through public or private mode along with sharing critical files. It provides cloud conferencing, meetings, to user management for the business. Skrumble targets collaboration from private to team-wide messaging.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0 user/month
Basic $6 user/month
Pro $15 user/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Adding people to your list is simple and quick. With the present options, you can add a person’s contact details in personal or team category. Apart from manually, the app allows bulk contact import from your professional network.



skrumble_private_chatsPrivate Chats
Make one-on-one communication through the private chat. You can share messages that include file attachments and links. You can switch between the parallel chats and can call them instantly. Also, it allows adding a new contact on private chat.



Rooms are the feature where a user can perform team communication. Public and private modes are available regarding message accessibility. Message transferred in public rooms will be seen by each team member. You can rename or leave a room with a click.



In the meeting feature of Skrumble, you can schedule or join meetings. It offers audio/video conferencing and screen sharing, apart from chat functionality. The calendar view helps you make fast meetings defining the essential details like timings and people. Email is sent to the invited people for making them aware of a meeting.


Nowhere what device you use, Skrumble phone system connects you with your team. It allows basic call, call routing, and extensions. Furthermore, a user can automatically answer calls using voicemails and external numbers call routing. The phone system tracks and shows outgoing and incoming calls.


Mobile Accessibility

Skrumble app is available for mobile platforms, Android, and iOS.


It provides integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.


Online, email and phone support are available besides the knowledgebase and FAQs from the app.

Pros and Cons of Skrumble


  • Contact sorting.
  • Do not disturb option in private chats.
  • Status settings.


  • Cannot tag people or participants in the room chat.
  • No option of going to the meeting’s interface.
  • Cannot make calls based on a person’s name from the call section.

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  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Private messaging
  • Phone system communication from any device to any device.

For more details, please visit Skrumble website.

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