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Monday , June 24 2024

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Techniques for Bloggers to Grow Email List

Techniques-for-Bloggers-to-Grow-Email-ListThe email option drastically brought a completely new revolution to the blogging community. Blogging, itself is an art to driving in people for business. But the day it started reaching people’s inboxes as emails, a lot of things changed. Days when the newspaper was the only medium of daily content, matter printed on the top fold, or “Above the Fold” was considered as the winner, grabbing the first attention.

Although we do not fold our computer screens now, still there are places on the screen that brings the content to immediate notice. Below are ten email techniques that you can use while blogging for your business growth.

The Header/Footer Option

The header section of your blog is the section which is often above the navigation bar. This section lays the first impression of your content on the reader. The header part also offers a lot of space to design and elaborate option boxes. This place is best to grab opportunities driving in more email subscribers.

The footer, on the other side, is not a quiet real estate. Still, this part of the email can hold the “Call To Action” for your readers.

Sidebar Option Boxes

Sidebar option boxes are functionalities in the previous designs of blog pages. These option boxes ran along as readers scrolled down the blog web page. However, with a greater use of sidebar option boxes, many people did not show engagement to them. Finally, the sidebar options were removed as new designs emerged.

Header and Footer Option Bars

These are thin option bars that run along the blogs. They move downwards as a reader scrolls down to the web page. These option bars can be implemented using simple plugins in WordPress. The header and footer option bars generally contain a single line with a Call to Action.

In-Content Upgrades

These are the items that appear in the content itself, i.e., in between the paragraphs. These elements have recently gained popularity. You can customize these to draw high conversation rates.

Author Bio Boxes

Author bio boxes is a smart way to connect with your readers. This is a section that a reader usually reaches after he or she has already finished reading your content. The author bio box appears at the end of every blog just like the footer option, this can be an excellent place to grow your email list.

Slide-In or Footer Pop

Up Slider Options- these option boxes does not belong to the main content. Instead, they only slide in from the left or right bottom corners when a reader reaches the end of the content. The best thing about these option boxes is, that they do not interrupt with the main content of the reader, instead, they slide along the margins to offer a small message and a Call to Action Button leading the reader to the next step.

Comment TickBox Option

This option is another way to build up your subscribers. A reader selects a comment tick box option when he or she checks the box after posting a comment on your blog. This option may only be handy if a person makes a comment on your blog.

The Lightbox or Popup Option Box

The popup option boxes are another effective method to pull in visitors. These are simple boxes that appear on the blog posts after a few seconds. These may be sometimes annoying for the readers. Pleasing designs, on the other hand, can build up a great number of email subscribers.

The Welcome Mat

The welcome gate is similar to the lightbox popup. This mat is a huge popup that entirely covers the whole screen as soon as a new visitor opens the page. These mats can annoy the visitors, but also they increase your email subscriber list. Careful designs formats and options can increase visitors and customer engagements.

Landing Page

Having a landing page is one of the primary goals of the blog. This is the place which converts visitors into customers technically. Therefore, it is important to have a landing page that is 100% focused on your business goal.

The Bottom Line

Last but not the least, it is also important for email bloggers to keep things fresh and changing. Similar designs and monotonic content may make you lose visitors and decrease their engagement. It is, therefore, best to keep changing the track of your email blogs to retain customers.

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