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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Pulse Umbrella Group Climbing The Accounting Growth Ladder


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The founder of  The Pulse Umbrella Group describes it as an expert to provide an umbrella and accountancy services for UK based contractors and freelancers. The firm is making its contractors happy with reliable, efficient and expert accountancy and payroll services since 2009. The company is highly proud of the customer satisfaction that they receive from their services.

Achievements they count

When asked about the greatest achievements they enjoyed, the founder, Chris Futcher flaunts the 5000 contractors they are working with to generate the maximum amount of remuneration each month. The investment they did for their business process considering technology, people and customers proved to be the best game plan they ever had.

International Trade and Figures

The team stays and operates in the British market and currently does not participates in the international market. The company concentrates in the central figures for their operations such as Cash Flow, Churn rates etc.. The business was externally financed at the beginning.  However, the team was self-financed for the next five years and recently raised further external funding.

Cloud Based Computing Helped it All

The team says that the presence of cloud-based computing brought a huge difference in the business as it gave them the opportunity to work with integrated systems that are both perfectly secure as well as cost effective. They helped the team to deliver the best services in the market. Computing facilities also helped their clients to concentrate entirely on their work instead of struggling into the stormy sea of paperwork.

The Plans

The founders, along with their team look forward to expanding their services in the domain of accountancy tripling its size. The team has no plans for international expansions currently. Rather it is trying to deliver on quality of their services in Britain.

The founder also admits that they faced a lot of challenges launching the product. Initially, The company required a lot of efforts and hard work. The most challenging amongst them was, to convince the people. Every effort they are making will pay off well in the future.

The founders state that every day brings a learning opportunity when you start working. Every decision you make does not turn out as expected. The team uses a solid risk management process having a certain amount of instinct.

Mistakes the Entrepreneurs should Take Account Of

The founders of The Pulse Umbrella Group observed that some of the entrepreneurs do not realize the perfect time to bring in specialists to their team, and instead, try to do everything on their own. Fundamentally, a person or even a group cannot be perfect at everything. They must take action to bring in experts for certain jobs that can benefit the overall business process. The founders also advise the young entrepreneurs to focus on the areas they are best at and not to strive for perfection at everything.

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