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Monday , June 24 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Abhisi


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Which company does not like to have happy customers? Customers are the end users of any business, and their happiness is the most precious thing for generating revenues of a company. Hence, providing a rigid support to the customers is essential for any business. Abhisi is a dedicated help desk made to give their clients the best customer support experience.

It is a quick and active tool, which has amazing features to help you offering the excellent support desk to your users. Manage user support requests fast and gain happy customers faster for your business with Abhisi help desk.

Editions and Pricing

With 10% discount on annual subscription, Abhisi pricing plan includes:

Abhisi Standard $9/month Report 2  Mailboxes 5  Agents 5 GB Storage Space
Abhisi Professional $19/month All STANDARD Features Unlimited Mailboxes Up to 100 Agents Unlimited Storage Space
Abhisi Business $49/month All PROFESSIONAL Features 5 knowledge base Unlimited Agents Live chat

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

This section manages all the messages and emails a user do. Category wise messages are enlisted as per their status, which changes every time. It could be open, closed, pending or spam. The user can assign a letter to any of his teammates. He can create messages and send them via email instantly or can set a status for it. Similar to any other email service it also allows a user to attach files to the mail.


The app generates three reports – achievement report, company report, and message report. Each report shows corresponding data involved. These stories incorporate data relevant to messages and responses of customers. The report metrics includes response timings, final conversation figures, whole conversation and other information on performance. The Busiest day parameter is an add-on, which reflects the most productive day of the month. You can even extract valuable results using filters in the reports.


Abhisi_Knowledge_BaseKnowledge Base
Create a furnished knowledge base for your customers in no time with Abhisi. Since this help desk is for customers, it gives a framework that contributes building knowledge base directly and quickly. You can attach text file consisting information, or you can create your knowledge base data. This knowledge base you can post on your website support page to make it available for your customers, as simple as that.


Abhisi_User_SettingsUser Settings
You are the admin of your account and hence responsible for deciding what your users are allowed to do with your messages. User settings provide you options for this. Set mailbox permissions for your users, choose what they can see, whether they can reply to a message or not, set their notification settings and much more. Also, manage profiles of you team members and spam settings.


Mobile Accessibility

No dedicated mobile app is present for the tool.


The app allows integration with Facebook and Twitter.


The options to connect to the support system of the Abhisi includes user guide documentation, phone call, fax, email.

Pros and Cons of Abhisi


  • Send Quick replies with pre-made
  • Filters help in the report for relevant information.
  • Tags settings allow fast access to messages.
  • Set whitelist and blacklist emails.


  • The interface works quite slowly.
  • Abhisi does not check for right email format in spam settings.
  • Only text and HTML files are allowed to the knowledge base.
  • It does not show message preview.


Abhisi help desk maintains a robust support system for your website by allowing a user to do minimal things with faster features. No training is needed for offering an excellent support to the customers; all you need is Abhisi.

For more details, please visit Abhisi website.

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