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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Online collaboration tools product review- Fastee


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Communication plays a vital and effective part in the smooth function of business. Connected people work better and faster towards accomplishing a common goal. Fastee Ltd is one of the best collaboration tool for business  app brings you the platform that helps you performing business at instant messaging speed. It includes business apps and popular communication apps so you connect immediately corresponding to a purpose. With the business apps, Fastee behaves as a bot that communicates thoroughly with other systems and people for increased business productivity.

Before beginning with a conversation, it allows you to input business context based on which you can quickly access the interesting update. The business apps integration makes this tool appropriate in terms of coordination on sales opportunities, campaigns, and projects. The collaborative tool lets you connect with your peers and partners regarding tasks or coordinate with customers for their queries or desires. Briefly, this collaboration tool submits faster business goals using communication apps.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0/month Unlimited messaging Unlimited internal and external groups Unlimited files and emails
Plus $1.99/month Unlimited archive messages Company Administration Group member management
Pro Contact team Advanced data security Activity audit trail


Administrative control over

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Chats are the section that tracks all your messages. The interface here enlists your recent chats for continuing messaging to the corresponding partner. Send simple messages or emoji for intuitive communications. Moreover, you can send attachments from various business and social platforms.


The app allows a user to create groups to chat with many. With a single click to can make groups and can add your suitable contacts. Within the group, each message sent will be visible to all the group members. Other than the group, you can directly communicate with a person, which shows in ‘people’ section. It enhances business productivity with a collaborative approach.


Markers behave like a label signifying the status or role of a chat message. These markers are customized, you can edit the existing markers or can make new as per your desire. Moreover, you can edit the name as well as the color of any marker. Markers are helpful in evaluating the urgency of a message from other users.


fastee_chat_appsChat apps
Here the app provides the chat-dedicated platforms like Facebook messenger and Slack for establishing a quick connection on the popular apps. No need to switch to another chat app interface when the tool brings all your communicative platforms in one single place. Directly make use of chat apps by sending a message through Fastee.


Mobile Accessibility

Fastee Ltd runs on a cross platform and is available as mobile apps.


  • Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Zendisk
  • Facebook messenger
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Outlook
  • Box
  • Gmail
  • Office 365
  • Oracle
  • Marketo
  • Sharepoint
  • MailChimp
  • Hubspot
  • SAP
  • SugarCRM


The support system of the app includes a help center consisting announcements and FAQs.

Pros and Cons of Fastee


  • Robust integration repository.
  • Can track a chat information.
  • Markers with color
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Recent chat activities.


  • Cannot edit settings of a group.
  • Cannot keep or maintain the profile of a user or team member.
  • Needs a stronger support.
  • Contact import and export not available.
  • Does not check for the already existing group name.


Fastee Ltd is a tool that provides fast collaboration with the peers, partners, and customers through establishing an instant messaging for business.

For more details, please visit Fastee website.

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