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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Paperworks


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Paperwork one of the top accounting tool for small business has been the formal and going- towards- outdated meaning for transacting receipts and payment records. Now every official announcement or information leverage email platform for secure and professional manner. It also consumes the invoices and payments from the clients, which are difficult to manage in a bulk of email messages. Receipt management became easy with Paperworks, an app that can collect and present you all your receipts, invoices, and payments from multiple accounts in one place.

The app allows you to directly download the receipts attachments from the platform without looking into the email account or tool. Those are important save them, else ignore. Moreover, you can tag each of the emails with its appropriate type such as expenses, income, ignored, or untagged. You can save all the invoices, filter them as per the date requirement, or can use any of the email accounts. Paperwork easily manages and saves your receipts in seconds without any complex structure.

Editions and Pricing

Free Plan Free forever Up to 1 account
Pro Plan $4/month Up to 10 accounts

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Establishing a connection with your accounts is super fast. The app then automatically will show you the emails regarding receipts, invoices, and payments. The specialty is that you do not need to accumulate your emails concerning the billing information, the tool itself does this work with one click. It enlists such emails as per the received date.


Tags are present in the app that provides the capability to allow a specific type. The types include expenses, income, ignored, and untagged. You can select the suitable tag for the submission corresponding to an email. Based on these you can discover the old entries at a faster rate.


All the important emails consisting information about receipts, payments, and invoices can be saved with one click. Moreover, it shows that a message has attachments, so, you can download directly from the app’s framework. No need to open up the email from the client. Save attachments individually or all at once. Besides, you can ignore the ones, which does not seem important to you.


paperworks_filter_by_dateFilter by Date
One of the powerful features of Paperworks allows you to filter the emails based on date. The calendar available is helpful in deciding the date limit on which you are expecting the invoice email. Moreover, you can customize the date as per the requirement.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not provide mobile accessibility through a dedicated mobile app.


The app allows integration with Yahoo, IMAP, Gmail, and Outlook.


Email support is present for the users.

Pros and Cons of Paperworks


  • Secure platform.
  • Invoice management of multiple accounts.
  • Filter for quick data retrieval.
  • Multiple email accounts.


  • Sorting is not available for the email list.

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Paperwork is an app that is allowing you to manage your email receipts with the paperless work. You can manage and download attachments of invoice and payments from multiple accounts in one place.

For more details, please visit Paperworks website.

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