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Friday , April 19 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review – Cuffr


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Cuffr is a fantastic product that offers highly secure payment service for your business. Designed to work flexibly across any business, this platform makes it easy to carry out your financial transactions maintaining high security. This application allows you to get paid quickly and affordably in an easy to use manner.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a simple pricing model. The tool also provides a free trial. The paid version costs 2.10% + 30¢ per transaction.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Cuffr-DashbaordThe Dashboard
The panel offers a comprehensive look at the payment details of your account. You can access to any and every feature of the tool right from the dash itself. This place shows details about:

  • Today’s Income
  • Overall Customers Count
  • Overall Income, and
  • Bank deposit

The panel also contains a graph that will offer a visual look at the details about the amount spent per day in the past 30 days. Latest Payment details are also available on the dashboard.

Cuffr-CuffrLinkThe Cuffr Link
The Cuffer link is something you will share with your prospects to spread your business. You can edit this link if you wish to. Sections that can be edited are:

  • Cuffr Payment URL
  • TimeZone Settings
  • Business Facebook Page username
  • Theme Selection
  • Payment Page Background Color
  • Payment Confirmation Email Note
  • Reset Password
  • Merchant Terms and Conditions URL, and
  • Payment Redirect URL

Cuffr-YourCientsYour Clients
The Clients Section displays a list of all your customers with the payment history. This section also displays social media information about each person working with you to let you know them better. You can add new client right inside this part of the tool.

You can also export the customer list and other details to a CSV file or an Excel sheet whenever you want.

The Payments article shows a list of all your customers with their payment history. His section also shows social media details to let you know better about your peers.


Cuffr-PaymentFormsPayment Forms
You can completely customize and redesign your payment forms. Your customers can now pay you for particular goods and services. You can also add additional fees or other charges to the payment amount.

This section also allows you to create new forms as and when you require through the business process.

Cuffr-TheInvioces The Invoices
This section contains a list of all the invoices created by you. This section lets you track each invoice you made with its status. You can also add new invoices right inside this window.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.


Cuffr integrates with platforms such as:

  • Your email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • StumbleUpon, and
  • LinkedIn


The application offers a strong support system for all its users. The Cuffr support includes:

  • Chat Support
  • Chat Support
  • Call Support, and
  • Email Support

Pros and Cons of Cuffr


  • A simple method to install and use- no coding skills required.
  • On time payment option lets you sell products, receive donations and accept payments from clients and more.
  • 128 bit SSL encryption and payments processing on PCI-DSS compliant servers makes it extremely secure platform to make transactions.


  • A detailed analytic feature can add value to the application making it more powerful.


  • Simple Copy and Paste option for Cuffr links.
  • Highly secure with 128 bit SSL encryption.

For more details, please visit Cuffr website.

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