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Thursday , July 18 2024

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3 ways to Boost your Business with Instagram Live

3-ways-to-Boost-your-Business-with-Instagram-LiveWith Instagram Live you can broadcast live videos, which is the first attempt of the company into live streaming. It is similar to Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope. You can stream real-time videos through Instagram stories. But unlike Facebook and Twitter, at Instagram, the live session is not posted on the users’ feed and is deleted immediately. Moreover, the users can also send disappearing photos and videos to customers through Direct Messages. The viewers can also leave their reactions through “likes.”

Swipe right from the Instagram’s home screen and tap on the button “Start Live Video” to start a live session on your Instagram. The followers get immediate notification when you are live on Instagram. The live video is available both privately and publicly. A small business can use Instagram Live in the following three ways

Interactive Q & A

Live sessions are one of the best ways to engage with customers and answer their question in the real time. The viewers can interact with hosts and other viewers in the comments section at the bottom of the screen. Before hosting a Q & A session let the customers know the time of the live session in advance. Either have them send their questions earlier through DM or ask them to bombard their issues in the comments section during the live session.

Broadcast tutorial, demo, or a class

You could use the live sessions to take free classes, demos or tutorials regarding the ways to use your product. Instagram Live does not have any limitation on time like Instagram posts or stories. This means that the host can stay live for a long time without having to hurry due to time constraints.

For examples, gym owners and fitness instructors can broadcast live classes; chefs can cook any dish on their live session and much more. Make-up artists and cosmetic companies can show a tutorial on what their product looks like in real life.

Show Behind The Scenes of Your Business

Giving a human touch to the company has always proved to be advantageous. You can do it with Instagram Live by the broadcasting behind-the-scenes look at your operation. For, an example you can show the customers how your product is made or you can show the real faces behind your business. As the video is deleted immediately, you need not worry about showing something that you do not want to be visible for an extended period of time.

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