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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Front

Collaboration-tools-Product-review-FrontFor business owners, when it comes to managing inbox, a picture of clutter and mess appears in mind. In the premises, they do lots of work through their mailbox like sharing, quick responses, follow ups and other communication objectives. A search bar on the top of the inbox and labeling facility are not enough for handling multitasking mailbox.

The most bothering thing is to respond across multiple channels such as Twitter, Facebook, chat, SMS etc. Front is a web based tool for small and medium businesses that provides collaboration across multiple inboxes and channels. The tool is designed to be used by small teams and it works smartly.

Editions and Pricing

Front has three editions- Team, Premium and Enterprise. The Team edition costs $12 per user per month and is limited to 5 inboxes, the Premium edition costs $24 per user per month and limited to 30 inboxes, while Enterprise edition is customizable for unlimited inboxes. The 14 day free trial of Premium edition is available.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_front_share_and_assignShare and Assign
The tool offers the facility of sharing with teammates as well as assigning one for sending responses. The options can be accessed right from the compose page.


The best thing about this tool is that the rules can be created and applied to automate conversations and corresponding tasks. The tool offers a wide range of conditions, decisions and actions you can use for the rules.



product_review_front_notifications_and _reminderNotifications and Reminder
With reminder feature, you can get reminder mail whenever you want response action to be taken. The tool caters notification facility with customizable conditions for SMS, chat and tweet as well.



The tool lets you see activity streamlines any time you want, whether it is commented or assigned. You can select and deselect the checkboxes to see the activity of your choice.



The tool provides excellent facility of analytics. It gives you insightful reports not only for conversations and team, but also for customers and productivity.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool has mobile apps available on iOS and Android store. It allows you to sync the SMS facility with it.


The tool has the strong integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox. Salesforce, Trello, Slack, Asana and Zapier are a few of the known tools, it integrates with. It also offers API feature at any instant of time.


The tool provides support via online live chat as well as via Email. You can get help using FAQs and guide alternatively.

Pros and Cons of Front


  • The user interface looks familiar and easy to understand.
  • Keyboard shortcuts facility is available.
  • Live chat support is a plus.


  • The pricing model is on per-user-basis that seems costly for startups.


Front meets all the basic needs of communication and collaboration among businesses. The tool differentiates from others by its unique way to build automated conversations. Rules, canned responses, real time collision detection and analytics are stand out features. The features list doesn’t end here!  The tool has added facilities like merge contacts in groups, tags, API keys, documentation, signature etc.

For more details, please visit: Front website.

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