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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Business intelligence Tools Product Review- Bouquet

BI Tools Product review-bouquetManaging databases is hard but vital aspect of any business. The task combines SQL coding and queries to explore data and to build data analytics. Bouquet is one of the best business intelligence software web based tool that deals with databases and makes data analytics easy. The best thing is that you don’t need to write SQL queries and import files. The tool performs on project based warehouses and provides visualized reports in chart and table form, no matter how large your data is.



Editions and Pricing

Currently, Bouquet is providing demo version. It will launch the pricing model soon.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool lets you keep the databases in the projects where you can add a database URL and user. It enables you to edit the projects anytime.



The best thing about the tool is that you can decide different domains for one project or database. You can select one from the domain list and start working on it. You can add new domain by entering subject value.


The tool provides facility to look up the desired data between specified ranges of date. You can search for the one directly using filters and search bar.



With ‘dimensions’ feature, you can select or define a variable, you are looking for. It allows you to configure dimensions as well.



The tool has an exceptional feature as Metrics. You can configure metrics for a desired variable performance or tracking. The visualized reports are based on dimensions and metrics data.



Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool is not providing mobile apps, but it is accessible via mobile browsing.


The tool is integrated with many data sources like MySQL etc. It is integrated with GitHub.


The tool provides support via live chat and help guides. You can choose the topic or query for which you want the answer.

Pros and Cons of Bouquet


  • User friendly interface.
  • Easy to manage databases by using the URL.
  • Bookmarks can be shared.


  • It requires refresh every time when you preview or view the charts.

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Bouquet differentiates itself by many useful features. First thing, you don’t need to import files as it automatically takes data from the data sources. Secondly, there is no need of writing code. The tool has stand out features like bookmark database and preview visualization. With export facility, you can download data in CSV or Zip files as well as you can view SQL codes generated by the tool for your databases. You can add other users and manage admin rights for the projects. The coolest feature is a search bar on the top of the user management section.

For more details, please visit: Bouquet Website.

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