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Monday , June 24 2024

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Business Intelligence tools Product Review- Ponch

bi-tools-product-review-ponchPonch is which is one of the best business intelligence tool is a highly efficient Business Intelligence tool. This can be handy way to track your business if you have an online store or a business that is dependent on the website. By tracking your business better through this amazing application, you can easily and quickly analyze and trace the weak and the strong areas of the business.

The Heatmaps and Sparkmaps of Ponch gets a quick and easy status of the user interaction and and active areas in your application.


Editions and Pricing

The application is presently in the beta version, hence have not came up with the edition and pricing details.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Ponch-TheDashboardThe Ponch Dashboard
The Ponch Dashboard is the desktop that the application offers to its users to quickly set up and work on its projects. Here, you can manage your URL’s, your trackings and your profile.


Ponch-CreateYourSiteCreate Your Site
The “Create New Site” option lets you get started with your projects. Here you can create name and URL’s for your projects.



Ponch-AddingTheScriptAdding the Script
As soon as a URL is created, the application provides a script path that can be added in your site’s code. The script should be inside <HEAD></ HEAD> or <FOOTER><FOOTER> of the code.



Ponch-ManageTrackingManage Trackings with Ponch
You can monitor and track your projects or URL’s through the tracking option. The “Your Tracking” option displays details about all the URL’s you created. The Tracking panel also provides options for Archive and Delete individual projects created. You can also go through the tracking details for the projects.



Ponch-TheHeatMapViewHeat maps and Sparkmaps
Heat maps will let you know what areas of your website have been visited by the audience the most or in which direction the audience traffic moves the most. The Heatmaps section displays details about user interaction with colors ranging from Yellow to Blue depicting Hot to Cold areas of the entire web page.



Ponch-SparkmapsThe Sparkmaps, on the other hand displays details about the Sparkmaps that are embedded into your website and their contribution towards the overall performance of the website.



The profile section, lets you change your profile details, account information and Password Details. The Account Information and Password can be changed individually as and when required by you.



Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on mobile devices presently, however it can be accessed via the mobile web. The product is still in beta version and may launch its mobile apps for Android or iOS platform


The application does not integrates with any other platform presently, but this feature may be extended as it is best when the tool integrates with at least social networks so that performance can be measured more accurately.


As soon as you register yourself creating an account, the application takes you to your dashboard, where for the new users, the tool offers a video tutorial to get started with the projects. The application also online live chat option for its users.

Pros and Cons of Ponch


  • Can track more than one websites from one account.
  • Heat maps and Sparkmaps can help you track the overall progress of your business.


  • Social Integration is something the application lacks- social integration or social exposure can enhance the performance of the application driving in audiences.

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  • Helps you achieve better Business Intelligence through Heatmaps and Sparkmaps.
  • More than one URL’s can be tracked through a single user account.

For more details, please visit Ponch website.

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