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Monday , June 24 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- agileSpecs

project-management-tools-product-review-agilespecsagileSpecs is an online app for agile specifications and requirements management along with issue tracking. It was developed by Rodalo, a company based in Germany. The app allows you to turn your specifications into an agile process.

The software is designed for all types of organizations, teams, small businesses, medium business and enterprises. agileSpecs uses markdown syntax for faster and better writing. It allows you to create impressive PDF documents and keep track of the requirements. The tool works great for agile project management and agile software development.


Editions and Pricing

agileSpecs offers 5 different pricing plans. The solo plan for single users is available for free. The starter plan is available for $19 per month and allows 5 projects. The small and medium business owners can go for either the Professional plan for $40/month or the Premium plan $75/month which allow 20 projects and 40 projects respectively. For enterprises, it offers a plan for up to 100 projects at $150 per month.

The professional plan is available for a free 30 day trial.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

agileSpecs_EasyEditingEasy Editing
agileSpecs uses markdown syntax for quicker and better writing. You specifications will always be up to date with embedded requirements. It allows you to have total control over your workflow. agileSpecs allows inserting of images, source code, links and footnotes. It also provides project specific spell checker.


 agileSpecs_RequirementManagementRequirement Management
Allows tracking of requirements, creating tickets, looking for team’s issues and organizing them. You can track who has done what, how and when using the powerful history function that captures all the changes made. You can also attach files with your issues. It allows sorting, prioritizing and assignment of tasks.


 agileSpecs_VisuallizationEasy visualization
It is easy to set the team’s goals by setting milestones. You can set the due dates for the tasks and group together the issues. It has powerful filters to organize, search and sort your requirements and tickets. You can define your own labels and states specific to your project. It displays a clear chapter structure. For faster processing, it also has keyboard shortcuts.


You can create nice looking PDF documents. The tool also allows you to customize the PDF layout.


Pros and Cons


  • Data security is ensured with 256 bit SSL encryption. agileSpecs maintains a backup of all your data.
  • Allows creating of milestones and grouping of tasks as required.
  • The powerful filters and capture function facilitate effortless searching and tracking.
  • Ability to attach files and insert images, links and footnotes.


  • Does not provide options for budget and expense management.


The most impressive thing about agileSpecs is the ability to track requirements and manage tickets at the same time. With this tool all your specifications can be integrated into your agile process. Also, you can create good looking PDF documents to leave an impression.

For more details please visit agileSpecs website.

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