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Friday , May 24 2024

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Best Collaboration Tools Product Review – Intraboom

Collaboration-Tools-Product-review- intraboomIntraboom is one of the best cloud based collaboration tool that is designed to serve small business teams for better engagement and workflow. The tool replaces the needs of different conferencing, cloud storage and project management tools. It is one mighty tool for all the challenges that small teams or groups face while communicating.

The interface of the tool looks familiar right from the first appearance and covers many other utilities seamlessly. The calendar and gallery are the stand out features. One can manage a photo or video albums in groups. That seems awesome!


Editions and Pricing

Intraboom offers a  free version for up to 5 groups and up to 5 GB disk space which is great for small business. Other editions are- Basic version costs $59 per month and Premium version costs $ 199 per month, with varying number of groups and disk space. Basic version allows 30 members per group while the Premium version allows unlimited members and unlimited groups.

With such great packages, one can opt for add on SMS messages and more disk space.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

All activities from one channel, bulletin provides streamline of updates and activities of groups. The tool makes it simple to keep maximum transparency and engagement. It allows you to create post as well.



product_review_Intraboom_task_managementTask Management
The tool lets you create a task for specific projects in groups and gives a tracking report, you can import files to share. The best thing is that you can choose people who are responsible and who are watching.


product_review_Intraboom_files_sharingFiles Sharing
This is a basic and must have feature for any collaboration tool. The tool makes it simple and easy to upload and share like a cloud storage tool does. You can create your own folder and assign a group in real time.



This is an advanced feature of the tool which enhances social engagement at the workplace. You can upload photos or videos within groups and discuss with comments.


The tool caters not only private messaging or live chat, but also the text messaging via phone numbers. You need not to browse email for private messages or to see if something attached.


Besides all, discussion is essential within teams. The tool enables you to invite clients and start discussion on assigned topics. The best thing is that it allows you to add files, videos or link in the discussion.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, Intraboom is accessible on the web only, mobile apps are not available.


Since the tool provides all the features of the various tools, it does not integrate with other apps. For example, the tool offers all functionalities that Google Drive provide, and much more.


Currently, the tool is offering support via Email and help guide. You can choose the topic you are facing problem with and get the helpful instructions.

Pros and Cons of Intraboom


  • The tool offers more disk space with the free version than any other cloud storage tool.
  • Gallery options: The gallery at workplace is a wonderful idea, it allows user to share photos and videos interactively.
  • User friendly interface: The tool looks great with colorful interface and it is customizable as well.


  • No mobile apps: The critical facility of mobile access is missing.

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Intraboom is fully featured and claims itself as all-in-one tool to communicate better, no doubt it is. The tool can be a great substitute of intranet, communication tools, project management tools and collaboration tools. You need not to install different accounts on the web. The tool meets small business needs so that they can leverage each functionality from the cloud.

It has a calendar that gives stand out facilities such as organizing events in groups and event tracker.

For more details, please visit: Intraboom website.

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