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Monday , June 24 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- ChatPage

Communication-tools-product-review-ChatpageChatPage allows your customers and prospects to have a live chat with you through mail, twitter etc with your own link to chat. Real time chat is just a click far away for you customers which make them contact you very easily. It also has the option to get information, display surveys or any other data with its form builder capability.

Avoid an IT team to set up a chat portal for you where you can just do it all by yourself at ChatPage. No special skill is needed to do so. You just have to log in and select the feature that should be on your chat page.


Editions and Pricing

ChatPage provides a 30 day free trial and also cancellation of the subscription at any time. It comes in two package. The Solo package costs $39 per month and can be used by one user only. The Team package costs $25 per month per user and can be used by up to 20 users. For teams which have more than 20 users should contact the ChatPage team to know the pricing.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_chat_page_linkOwn Chat Link
ChatPage provides you with a link of your own where the clients or leads can chat with you directly.



product_review_chat_page_wizardAdd your own widget
The users can add their own widgets to get or display any details.




product_review_chat_page_themeSelect your own theme
The users can select their own theme for their chat page and also customize it as they need. They can change the background, colour of chat box, wizard etc.



Create Team
ChatPage allows you to create your team just by adding name, email and chat page name.



product_review_chat_page_dataView the Data
The data like recent chats, number of submissions from the widget and later submissions can be viewed easily.



Mobile Accessibility

The application does not provide mobile application but it can still be accessed through mobile browser.


There is no integration with other services or applications.


The tools has FAQ’s to support and offers chat get further support.

Pros and Cons of ChatPage


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Provides a link of your own chat page.
  • Allows to get the required information from clients through your page itself.


  • No support for 24X7
  • If a widget or theme is changed during a conversation, the changes are reflected when the client logs in to the page the next time.


ChatPage provides a unique link for each user to make their chat with customer more easy and comfortable. The users need not set up own chat portal. The users can modify and give their personal touch and feel to their page making it livelier.

For more details, please visit: ChatPage website.

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