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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- Zupport Desk


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Zupport Desk offers a set of rich customer support tools that will help you increase sales by converting more of your website visitors to the paying customers. These tool kits include- Live Chat, Support Tickets, Knowledge Base, and Contact Management. Its powerful algorithms and enhanced capabilities make the CRM activities easier and flexible.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 14- day free trial to all its users. Other plans are as follows:

Live Chat

Small Team Free up to 3 users
Business $8 per month- Per user billed annually or $10 month-to-month

Support Tickets

Small Team Free up to 3 users
Business $12 per month- Per user billed annually or $15 month-to-month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The Dashboard
After you make an initial selection of the option you wish to choose, the application takes you to the dash. This place gives an overall view of all the monitoring activities associated with your application.



The Chat Dashboard
One of the most promising features of the application is that it offers a dedicated dashboard for any of the communication channel you wish to use. Here we have the chat panel. The panel lets you manage and customize your operator profile. Here you can change your name or add an image as you like.

The online toggle button only lets you be online or offline. To start a chat, you have to be online. The operator conversations are visible on the left panel of the screen. The list displays all the drivers that are present in your company. Here you can also see if they are online or offline. You can also start a private chat with them anytime. Zupport Desk efficiently manages and organizes the chat requests. It has separate sections for incoming chats, visitors on the website, and other active chats.

Working with Tickets
The card system helps you organize, manage and streamline your customer inquiries over multiple channels. Tickets are similar to small tasks that can be assigned to people in your team. You can start using tickets as soon as you start using the application.

You can assign an inbox to the card, set its priority, assign it to people, can add the email of the customer, add a subject, attach files, and write a message with it. The ticket dashboard then displays all the cards that you created with details. The dashboard also has advanced filters on the left side that helps you better manage your cards.

Knowledge Base for Maximum Customer Satisfaction
Now you can create a self-service customer satisfaction platform right in your website and give extra power to your information. This will reduce your client inquiries. For this, click on the “Knowledge Base” option on the top of the screen. The knowledge base section then displays all the ones that you created.

Here you can also add a new knowledge base by clicking on the “Add New Knowledge Base” button on the top right corner of the screen.

Organized Contact Management
Contacts management is another added feature that helps organizations to keep an organized record of all its contacts. This feature lets you manage contacts for People and Organizations. The application displays the contacts in an organized list with details such as name, phone numbers, email id, owner title, and create date to manage them easily..

You can also add a new contact at this place by clicking on the “Add New Contact” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Reporting to Keep you Updated
The reporting option can be accessed directly from the dashboard. The application offers different reporting options for chat and tickets. The chat reports need you to enter email id to identify patterns. While some options are available for ticket reporting such as:

  • Time vs. New Time Tickets
  • Time vs. Closed Tickets
  • Tickets Open Average time
  • Ticket replies Per Day, and
  • Ticket replies Per Day

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on mobile platforms to keep you on the track. iOs and Android apps are available that can help you stay updated anytime and anywhere.


The application seamlessly integrates with social media channels. Now you can grow your customer base by pulling in leads from Facebook and Twitter too.


  • Product Tutorial
  • Video Tutorial
  • Call Support
  • Email Support

Pros and Cons of Zupport Desk


  • Real time customer engagement.
  • Social media integrations to pull in more leads.
  • An easy way to track and resolve customer problems.


  • The application can be overwhelming for a naïve user.


  • A comprehensive application for all size of organizations.

For more details, please visit Zupport Desk website.

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