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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Web Conferencing Tools Product Review – Timekit

Conferencing-Tools-Product-review-TimekitMaking online bookings and taking orders, organizing tasks and keeping a proper track of events can be a bit challenging for a business. Manually carrying out such tasks can be full of hassles, can create confusions, can be frustrating and time consuming.

What if there is an app that integrates all your business applications on a single platform using simple codes of API. Taking care of all such issues, one perfect application is designed that can resolve all issues. All it takes is, integrating simple API into your tool, and rest, the application will take care of.


Editions and Pricing

The product is available for free trial API for up to 60 bookings per month. Other plans are

Starter Medium volume bookings $99 per month
Pro High Volume bookings $499 per month
Enterprise Unlimited Bookings Contact vendors for this edition

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Timekit-MordernAndPowerfulAPIModern and Powerful API
Timekit is one of the best web conferencing tools a booking agent made for developers. The tool offers powerful API’s for JAVASCRIPT (SDK), PHP (SDK), CURL, and PYTHON, that can be integrated with you own tools. The API’s are available for every other language that can perform HTTP REST calls for the application.


Timekit-CreateUIWidgetsCreate Beautiful UI Widget
Time kit allows you to create beautiful UI widgets with Booking.js. These widgets can be embedded on your website seamlessly just by adding a javascript snippet to your page markup.



Sync with Google Calendar
While using Timekick, you don’t need to manage another calendar, the applicant flawlessly syncs with Google calendar keeping everything on track. And the plus point is, you don’t even have to create a Google account for this.


Create Custom Availability Rules
The smart flexible filters allows the developers to create custom availability rules. You can restyle the product looks and feel, even the tool is equipped with localization and time support.


Timekit-bookingflowsFlexible Booking Flows
You can easily use our widget on your own UI. With Booking,js, it becomes dead easy to make bookings and take orders online.

The feature is completely free, customizable and runs on top of top of the Timekit API. Timekit also supports Time zones so that you don’t have to worry about time zone issues.


Timekit-RealTimeAvailabilityReal Time Availability
The tool offers power to decide and confirm mutual availability for meetings for users keeping a track of calendar events. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to point out available time slots for desired events to conduct.


Mobile Accessibility

Being a startup product, Timekit is unavailable as an Android or iOS application. However, the app is accessible via mobile web.


The tool syncs with Google calendar for scheduling event purposes.


The tool offers online chat support even before you sign up. The tool also offers email support with a well-documented web page about the product features.

Pros and Cons of Timekit


  • The tool makes workflow easier with capabilities for time zones and instant notifications.
  • API’s compatible to most of the platforms makes it more preferable than other API supports.


  • Features that could support social channel integrations could add more value to the product.

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The product is one of the best platforms for online bookings and taking orders. The key differentaitors include:

  • Time zone management.
  • Google calendar syncing.
  • Managing resources as calendars.

For more details, please visit Timekit website .

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