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Monday , June 24 2024

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3 Ways to Dramatically Increase Email Subscriptions

3-ways-to-dramatically-increase-email-subscriptionsEven with the emergence of so many social media channels, email stands strong at its place when it comes to delivering marketing messages. According to a research, 77% of customers still prefer receiving a permission-based email for marketing communications.

Developing a growing email list is an effective way to create a buzz around your product. Following are some ways through which you can dramatically increase your email subscribers’ list with the right people in it:



Social Media Contests

A great way to get email addresses from valuable leads. Organize a contest on social media where you can obtain email addresses from the participants. A number of business owners prefer a Facebook page to do that but you can choose other options as well. There are several ways for carrying out a contest, you can ask people to take a snap using your product, ask for short videos or any other way that would fascinate people. Just keep the competition simple and easy to understand. You can offer your winners a prize that is related to your company. You can use other social platforms to promote your product. Remember to thank all your participants for taking part. You might offer some free coupons along with that to keep them engaged.

Add Overlays or Popups

Add overlays or popups on your website’s homepage asking your visitors to give their email addresses to continue receiving updates from the website. An overlay is a window that appears on the screen after the visitor spends a few seconds on the website asking for information. The visitor can choose to share his details or else he could just close the window. A simple and effective way to grab your visitor’s attention and you don’t even need a web designer to do this. There are a number of tools you can use to do that like PopUp domination or Pippity. They provide some premade templates that you can use to design an overlay according to your liking, you can adjust the controls, add images and choose the colors that go well with your brand. It is best to display an overlay after about 15 seconds from when one came to your site. The text displayed should be brief and appealing.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

A Twitter lead generation card can be used to obtain contact information from a person via a promoted tweet. One someone clicks the CTA, his name, email and twitter handle get pre-filled into the card, once he clicks the submit button, his contact information is shared with you. To collect the information, you can either download twitter’s spreadsheet or get it delivered via an automation system. To create a card, select Twitter ads from sprocket at the right hand side. Here you can click on the Creative Tab at the top navigation bar and then click on cards. To launch your card you should attach a tweet to this card.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of other ways to increase your email subscribers’ list. But, gathering a huge number of email subscribers won’t work if they are not genuinely interested in your product. Make sure your technique targets the right kind of people.

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