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Monday , March 4 2024

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Best Email Tools Product Review –

Email-Tools-Product-review-unsend.itMaking mistakes is a human tendency, but small mistakes in corporate world can cost heavy. Corporate emails and messages are one of the most important communication method in any business. What if the message is sent with wrong or missing contents, or the mail is sent at an incorrect address.

Never reviewing the emails before pressing the send button can drag you in trouble. Loss of sensitive information, or information shared to a wrong person can cause difficult situations to deal with. To resolve all these issues, there is an amazing tool, one of the best email tool offers regret-free emailing, with this, you can easily edit or unsend any email after it reaches to your sent box.

Editions and Pricing

The tool offers a free trial with limited feature sets.
For complete features and sent message control, the product costs only $5 per month per user.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features your mail right from
After you successfully configure the product with your email id, then you can send emails to anyone right inside the application. the shortcodesUsing the Shortcodes
The shortcodes is an easy way to control your sent email without logging into the account. The shortcodes must be entered with a [] in the subject line of the email. The use of shortcodes will override default sending options. Some of the shortcodes are:

[uns] = unsend, edit message and attachments with this mode

[att]  = unsend and edit attachments only

[trk] = tracking only- no unsend or edit feature

[destruct] = The email will render as an image and will ‘self-destruct’ or disappear after the recipient opens it.

[notify] = notifies when the recipient opens the email.

The alerts is a section of the tool that shows details about all alerts and notifications about email conversations that are to be tracked. a Track of Sent Emails
You can keep a track of sent emails through the Sent Mail section of the application. This section shows a list a all emails that has been delivered through the application like any other email server. and installing with another account
Using the installation option available at the left panel lets you reconfigure the email account with an another account. The two primary email clients that are used are Gmail and Outlook. The section offers a complete walkthrough of the necessary steps that should be followed for this.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not have mobile applications for Android and iOS devices presently, but can be accessed via mobile web.


The tool integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook as they are the mostly used email clients. You can also add another email services following just a few steps.


The offers powerful support to its users with a “contact us” form which accepts messages for issues. The tool also provides a video introduction about the tool. The application also contains an FAQ to help out users on common issues.

Pros and Cons of


  • Product has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Integration with most widely used email servers such as Gmail and Outlook adds a lot of value.


  • The shortcode feature lets you control all your sent emails without even logging into it.
  • Other than editing the sent mails, features such as Self-destruction, Notification on opening emails, etc. are some of the most powerful points of the tool.
  • The tool does not display a proper “Your message has been sent” message once a message has been delivered to the recipient.

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The key differentiators for this amazing tool are:

  • The Shortcodes that adds a lot of value and more power to the tool.
  • Email tracking feature, rather than only edit and unsend options.

For more details, please visit: website.

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