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Friday , April 19 2024

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Best Email marketing Tools for small medium business product review- Digify

Email-Tools-Product-review-DigifyDigify is one of the best email marketing tool for small medium business is a file sending app which helps in transferring any file through email. The app is usable in every possible business function from protecting data design to extracting insights for Sales and marketing. The user can see get the analytics about the receiver’s behavior and can also determine the number of views on each sent file.

The app uses encryption to make the data secure across including options that prohibit the user to print or download any data. It is easy to follow about your data, whether is forwarded or reshared. With all these powerful options, Digify is a tool which makes a file sending task simpler and more secure. It helps in knowing the customer performance that is optimized for better results.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing Features
Free $0
  • 1 GB encrypted storage
  • 25 MB upload file size
  • PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Image Formats, Video
Lite $10 /month per user
  • 20 GB encrypted storage
  • 50 MB upload file size
  • 20 GB encrypted storage
  • 50 GB upload file size
  • +Video
Pro $20 /month per user
  • 100 GB encrypted storage
  • 100 MB upload file size
  • +Autocad

$100/m for first five users +$20/m per user


  • 100 GB encrypted storage
  • 2 GB upload file size
  • +Autocad

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Digify_Rights_ManagementRights Managements
The app provides different rules for the user to set accessibility over a file. The receiver will have access to that data according to set accessibility. The user is free to decide whether the file is downloadable or printable, etc. By default viewing a file option exists.



While sending a file through Digify, it can be set to self-destruct. The file will automatically be destructed after a set self-destructs time to leave nothing behind. This feature can be adjusted by using a self-destruct timer or an expiry date.



The app tracks and reports about the user activity on a particular data file. The analytics show how much time is spent by the user and number of views to provide a full performance overview of user engagement?




Digify_Data_RoomsData Rooms
Data rooms are the place where more than one file can be uploaded to a folder, and the files are shared securely with groups.




Digify_secret_modeSecret Mode
The secret mode lets a user to offer high protection to any file that prevents the receiver to download or print any file. Also, capturing snapshots are not allowed in secret mode. To access the data, the recipients need to download Digify app.



The recipient will be allowed to see the complete document, but with watermark patent-pending technology the file cannot be captured externally.


Digify_watermark_receiptThe recipient cannot remove the water instead, s/he can move the watermark easily.





Digify_Manage_recipientManage Recipient
Digify allows a user to select the recipients for sending the file and can also invite new members to access the data. The access and revoke options for each recipient can be set by the user, individually.



Mobile Accessibility

The app exists for both Android and iOS platforms which make it compatible mobile app.


Digify allows integration with Dropbox, Drive or Box, and Gmail.


A user can reach the representatives of Digify via Email or phone call. Moreover, a user can take a short tour to know the operations involved in the app.

Pros and Cons of Digify


  • Diverse Security options
  • Watermark use
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Showing timer during file access
  • We can send the files via links


  • Audio file sending, not allowed.
  • No more than one member occupies single account

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Digify app provides the functionality of sending a file with more security and safety measurements. The tool has remarkable features which can make any submitted data unshared and inaccessible even after sending. Digify is a secure tool, especially for professionals and businesses. It easily controls the file copy, encrypts and available options, providing data security during and after file transfer.

For more details, please visit Digify website.

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