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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Email Tools Product Review – Gaggle Mail

Email-Tools-Product-review-Gaggle-MailEverybody is indeed a part of some small group in everyday life. Maybe a football team, a book club, yoga class, or even your children’s play group or even a dance class.You may even be part of a residence association or a neighbourhood watch.

All these groups always need information to flow in case of any events or even for a regular everyday schedule. Emails are some of the most popular and easiest way to spread information formally. But rather, email may also have some problems such as, it may be difficult for you to set up an email group such as Yahoo and it is over-complicated with features that are probably never used by you.

Another issue comes when, you forget email addresses for everyone in the group and it becomes irritating if someone gets left out. The emails can also start discussion, and if sometime doesn’t reply to all, someone gets left out and ultimately, the information gets fragmented and all falls apart.

To solve all such issues, one simple solution was introduced, i.e. Gaggle. It is the simplest way to setup and maintain an email. Gaggle mail one of the best email tool for small business gives you your permanent address that everyone in the group can use to contact everyone else with a great ease.

Editions and Pricing

The product comes with a 30 day free trial initially.

The two editions have a charge of just $2/ month or $10/year per 100 members.

Capabilities and Supporting  Set of Features

GaggleMail-addAmemberAdd a Member
Well, a mailing list or a group starts when you create a list and invite people that you want to send mails to. The Gaggle Email tool has a dashboard where you can find options to add people into your group. All you need is to type in email address and their names to send them an invite.


The tool lets you search messages, view delivery reports or even download attachments in this section. The email id when clicked here, will take you to the web browser directly, where you can send messages or emails to the group members.


gaggleMail-deliveryReportDelivery Report
Every email or message sent over Gaggle mail has a delivery report associated with it which shows weather everybody received the message or if any delivery of message failed. This feature is only available to list administrators who can access it by clicking “Delivery Report” on the bottom left corner of any message in the message view.


GaggleMail-groupEmailGroup Email Digest
When there are a lot of members on a list, the group email list gets very busy. For this, the tool has recently introduced a Daily Digest Feature to Gaggle Mail that lets individual members from a group receive an email from the group only once a day, rather than, as soon as its been sent. The option is immediately available to all the members


GaggleMail-MessageArchiveMessage Archive for everyone
Gaggle always archived all messages sent over it to the administrators of the list. All messages are instantly searchable with any and every attachments available to download.


Mobile Accessibility

The Gaggle tool is also available for Android and iOS devices such that you can always stay connected with your emails and group messages on the go anywhere anytime.


The tool efficiently integrates with other tools such as Zoho Docs, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. to collaborate on documents and other related stuff that is important and needs to be shared with the information.


The tool offers support such as a FAQ section having a collection for common queries a user can have. Email support offers user to send an email to the support team from the user. The tool also provides guides help pages for the users.

Pros and Cons of Gaggle Mail


  • It is extremely simple to set up and use and manage.
  • The product is cheaper than any other similar tool.


  • No chat option– The tool can always touch an extra mile if it integrates chat options for real time communication.

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The feature that differentiates this amazing tool from the rest is, the Silent Echo Sent Messages. When turned off, this feature send the messages to everyone in the group, except the sender of the message.

For more details, please visit: Gaggle Mail website.

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