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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Best email marketing platform product review- LeadCooker

email-tools-product-review-leadcookerLeadCooker is one of the best email marketing platform for small medium business is an efficient email campaigning application developed inside the as an internal project. The application aims to help startup and Middle-level organizations to make outbound sales and gain traction using this fantastic application.

This application helps companies to boost up their sales graphs when they want to start, increase or scale up their sales process with an exceptionally competent sales channel.



Editions and Pricing

The pricing details for the application areas follows:

Pay as You Go Plan $1 per 100 emails
Unlimited Subscription $29 per month

Also, the application is available for a free trial version for 100 free emails.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

LeadCooker-DashboardThe Dashboard
The LeadCooker dashboard offers you direct access to all the capabilities the tool has to offer its users. As soon as you log in the application, you can see this amazing dashboard. Also, the application takes you a “main feature tour” showing the overall functions of the application.


LeadCooker-BuildingTheProfileBuilding the Profile
Once you register yourself for the application, it is best advised to visit this section and create your profile. You can feed values such as Time Zones, From Name, Send to alias, BCC and Sign. You can also change your plans right inside the Profile Section.


The contact section of the tool lets you manage your contacts. You can create and import contacts into the application from right inside the contact section. This place also shows details such as Total contacts, Delivered, Opened, Clicked and Replied. You can also search for filtered list or filter contacts by a campaign. This section also lets you create a campaign, add to segment, and export as well as archive contacts. The contact section also shows a list of all the contacts with their respective statuses.


LeadCooker-StartACampaignStart a Campaign
As soon as you after set up with the account, now anytime you can start a campaign. The tool, offers a Campaign section which has three steps:


  • Choose Contacts
  • Setup emails
  • Preview and Start

You also have the option to name your campaign. When it comes to the audience, the tool also offers options to:

  • Select an existing segment- a drop down list to choose from
  • Import a new file from CSV, or even to
  • Copy and Paste Emails.

If you figure put you missed something, you can always delete and restart with a “Delete and Restart” option.


The events section displays all events and actions since the last visit. The section is further divided into tabs to distinguish these events according to their statuses. These are:


  • Scheduled
  • Sent
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Replied, and
  • Bounced

This section also provides options to display campaign details from the past. Additionally, the calendar option lets you filter events between dates. Also, the fields screen allows you to choose from a number of options to filter out campaigns.

Templates, no doubt save a lot of time. An email campaign can be more effective as well as quick if models come into the picture. The tool, LeadCooker offers the facility to create and use your templates for the email campaigns making your business objectives clearer and aligned to your business model.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is not available on mobile devices- Android and iOS platforms.


The tool can only be signed in using a Gmail account and uses its features. Also, LeadCooker integrates with SalesForce.


The application is supported by online chat feature to get instant help from right inside the user account. LeadCooker also takes you to an application introduction tour to make you familiar with the application and its features. Also, the application offers you a FAQ section where you can find answers to all your doubts.

Pros and Cons of LeadCooker


  • Easy to navigate and use application.
  • Uses your Gmail account, so no need to use a third party application to manage the emails.
  • Templates and campaign options make emailing easier and convenient.


  • Works only with Gmail account, therefore, not for firms using other email platforms. Or they have to develop Gmail accounts to use this application.
  • No mobile accessibility.

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  • No need to use a third party email service if you are using Gmail accounts for business.
  • Separate section to manage Events along with the Email Campaigns.

For more details, please visit LeadCooker website.

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