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Friday , April 12 2024

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Marketing and sales tools for small business product review- BounceFight

marketing-and-sales-tools-product-review-bouncefightHow would you feel if your viewers of your website become your customers? Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the abandoning visitors to your clients? BounceFight which is marketing tool for small business helps you do so.

It helps you track the movements of the visitors with its behaviour algorithm and BounceStop technology. You can now actually convert your abandoning visitors to your customers with the support of BounceFight. You can decide what should happen when any customers click the Back button. With the help of BounceStop technology you can show your clients a new offer or page when they click Back. It acts as SEO friendly for your website.


Editions and Pricing

The application is free and does require and credit card or bank details for the sign-up.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_bouncefight_create_campaignCreate Campaigns
The users can create a campaign for their website and enter the page to be displayed when clicked on Back.



product_review_track_visitorsTrack Visitors
It’s now easy to track the visitors on your site with BounceFight. Compare your periodic guest counts with the easy graphical representation.



product_review_bouncefight_backGoing Back
Are you afraid the visitors may click back? Reduce your bounce rate and bounce-back rate by controlling what to be displayed when the visitors click Back.



product_review_bouncefight_targeted_offersTargeted Offers
Target the real visitors and block their exit path by showing them special offers. The taget gives you an extra lead allowing your users to think twice before leaving the site.



Additional Features

Exit Intent
The “Exit Intent” technology determines the moment a visitor tries to leave the page and displays an instant message.

Multiple Trigger
Allows the user to choose from various pop-up trigger options.

Optimized Conversion Templates
The designs are tested and optimized to increase conversions. The users can customize any pop-up layout.

Safe and Secure
The application has advanced server platforms to keep the data safe. The code also does not have any impact on the website.

Mobile Accessibility

The application does not have any mobile versions, but it can still be used from the browsers of the mobile.


The application integrates with any website. Using BounceFight you just need to insert a piece of auto-generated code in the header of your website and the rest of the work is done by BounceFight.


The application provides support by allowing the users to send the message. The users can also visit pages on social sites like facebook, twitter, etc.

Pros and Cons of BounceFight


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to track the movements of the visitors.
  • The visitors leaving the website are retargeted to any other page of the site.
  • The code generated is asynchronous.


  • There is no option available to log in from the website.
  • The “contact” option does not work when logged in.

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Allowing the users to track the visitors and helping the website owners to reduce bounce rates and bounce-back rates makes it different from others. It guarantees increased conversions, lead generations and SEO performance which eventually leads to increased revenue.

For more details, please visit BounceFight website.

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