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Friday , May 24 2024

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Best marketing and Sales tools product review- LeadGibbon


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Business leads are important as they play a significant role of the end-users to run the business. With the support of some powerful software, one can get to know about the clients.

LeadGibbon is one of the best marketing tool that provides you the email address of your leads on the LinkedIn platform. It tries to discover the verified email address of a person from favorite social networks so you can contact professionally as soon as possible.

You no longer need time-consuming manual methods to find the emails of your prospects. With LeadGibbon, you will be finding the email address of them faster and automatic. Whether it’s a case of just a few leads or you need the contact data of unlimited prospects, LeadGibbon is here for helping you.

It’s Google Chrome extension is used to access them on LinkedIn and within a few clicks, you will discover the email address of the client for free.

Editions and Pricing

Pro $99/user/month
  • 200 emails/month
  • Email verification
  • Google sheets integration
  • Export to CSV
Unlimited $199/user/month
  • Pro +
  • Unlimited emails/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Leadgibbon_Direct_SearchDirect Search
With Chrome’s LeadGibbon extension, you can directly navigate to your LinkedIn profile. In the LinkedIn interface, implement the searching mechanisms to find your business prospects. LeadGibbon with robust email option allows a user to extract relevant details of lead.


Leadgibbon_Email_VerificationEmail Verification
LeadGibbon in LinkedIn, allows facilities to verify the contact data like email and export leads to Google Sheets. Through the help of the contact data, you can connect to your top customers in real-time as it lets you send emails instantly from your associated mail account. Moreover, the user can save the leads to Google Drive.


Leadgibbon_Capture_LeadsCapture Leads
The app provides an option to capture your leads along with all their information. You will be able to record their name, title, email, company, location, website, email and much more, automatically. Instead of bounding to finite clients, unlimited leads can be stored in the Google sheets and can be exported any time.

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Mobile Accessibility

The app can be used with all the devices once signed in with Chrome.


LeadGibbon offers integration with the LinkedIn application, Google Drive, and Google Chrome.


The user can contact the support team via the email.

Pros and Cons of LeadGibbon


  • Faster email retrieval.
  • Automatic leads Google sheet entry.
  • Export Google Sheets as CSV.


  • The information is not always right.
  • More apps’ integrations could have given more reliable


LeadGibbon is awesome online marketing tool which is fast and active tool to discover the emails of your prospects. No contracts, no obligations; just a simple and familiar platform LinkedIn to operate the app is a firm reason to explore it.

For more details, please visit LeadGibbon website.

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