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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Managing Mobile Devices for Business

Over the past several years, the number of company-owned as well as employee-owned mobile devices have been exploded like anything.  The mobile workforce today, along with the remote style of working, has made it possible for businesses to deliver faster and highly efficient services to customers. It has also helped the workforce to work with higher efficiency and productivity.

The highly mobile device-dependent business also has a downside which is not easy to manage. That is, how is it possible for the business to efficiently manage and monitor all these devices. At the same time, it is difficult for businesses to keep all these devices secure. This security is needed across the employee-owned as well as the business owned devices no matter where they are used.

Mobile Device Management

Many businesses houses use mobile device management software applications as security software by the IT departments to manage, monitor and secure any mobile device that is used in any organization. These can be either issued by the company or can be personal devices owned by the company.

MDM or Enterprise Mobility Management can secure devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. This set of software applications secures policies, applications, as well as permissions across multiple mobile services and platforms. The concept reduces the risk of data breaches and keeps its network secure.

What is MDM and EMM Services Include?

Mobile devices management include features such as software distribution, inventory management, policy management, security management, and service management for smartphones and media tablets.

There are a number of MDM and EMM providers, and there are several options that are available in the market. Features offered by these services vary from one prover to the other. Some of the essential considerations include:

  • Security enforcements such as password, blacklist, and other security policies.
  • Essential passwords
  • Remote wipe to protect data on the device that is lost or stolen
  • Remote configuring and monitoring services
  • Data and device encryption
  • Backup and restore features
  • Restricted access to specific data and apps based on the location
  • Detection of malware
  • Management and configuration of VPN
  • Complete monitoring of threats
  • Integration with the existing security and management

All these services are offered by the security providers despite the presence of cloud-based security services. The most probable reason is, all these services are offered in their own data centres. For this, there are several service providers that offer services across multiple options such as cloud-based, on-site, as well as the hybrid platform. It is thus the responsibility of the business owners to research the best option for themselves and use the security system that suits them the best.

Top Mobile Device Management Solution

Depending on your use case, here are some of the top MDM or EMM solutions that a business can consider.

  1. VMware AirWatch: This system best suits MacOS or iOS. This is a good option as many of the employees in a business uses Apple products that need to be kept highly secure from threats and vulnerabilities. Your business might need this integration if you are planning to implement a BYOD policy, as this service will integrate best with the iOS ecosystem and will help you to keep your devices safe and secure.
  2. MobileIron: This is best suited for the Windows 10 hybrid desktop as well as for the mobile API. The service makes it easy to manage PC laptops as if they are any other mobile devices. This service helps you to keep your mobile data secure with the help of its many applications as well as integration with Microsoft Office 365.
  3. Codeproof: The application best suits best for Android devices. It provides multiple features that work best with Android devices. It integrates well with the Google Play Store for easy enrollment and deployment of business applications. The application allows you to have complete control over the devices keeping your business secure. It is also capable of locating lost devices with the help of its tracking features.
  4. Sophos: This is one of the top-performing security services. The application is well known for its advanced endpoint protection that allows you to protect all the data of your company as well as personal data with the help of cybersecurity. All the content from your organization is kept safe with the help of this platform. The service also offers a wipe off feature if the device is stolen or lost.

So now, when you have all the information as well as knowledge about some of the best MBM services, choose the one which you think suits best for your business. This will help you to keep your business secure and progressive for the future.

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