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Thursday , July 18 2024

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CRM Predictions for 2017

crm-predictions-for-2017CRM is one of the most important and critical aspect of a company among all the other activities. The building, managing and keeping customers happy is all that is a necessity for any organization to prosper in the market. Here are some of the CRM predictions that are expected to occur in the next two years.




  • By 2017, privacy will be the most valuable feature for the use and adoption of consumer apps. The changing needs customers rapidly demands the new mobile apps to be more efficient, device friendly and secure. With the rise in mobile payments and online banking, the privacy of customer data and its security have become critical.
  • About 100 of the top 500 global organizations will be using video-based chat for customer-facing interactions. With the rise of mobile-based interactions, customer communication through chat is not observed to be efficient and engaging. Keeping this in mind, many big and small organizations are now looking forward to going for the interactive video-based interactive customer chat for better support.
  • Customer support is becoming automated with time with digital analytics. There are many tools these days that sends automated emails as replies to the customers as answers to their queries. Despite these emails, predictions say that about 33% of customer service in the year 2017 will still require a human intermediary.
  • Current B2B e-commerce platforms are helping B2B companies and sales organizations improve customer experience. This done by making it easier to do business with them, improving responsiveness, streamlining their services and building their brand. Organizations achieve brand building by integrating social channels to influence visitors over the internet and ultimately converting them into customers.
  • The year 2018 will make commerce companies integrate technology to deliver a digitized customer experience. Other than video chat support, about 50% companies will integrate more sophisticated technology to give an extra support to its customers – both during purchase and after the sale.
  • com, by the year 2018, will have over 15 million end users. Salesforce is enjoying a spectacular finish with a revenue which is 27% more than the past year. The CEO of the company proudly says that they will be raising their revenue guidance to $8.12 billion at the high end of the company’s range.
  • Advanced CRM applications and SaaS will shorten the CRM replacement cycle by two years. The SaaS technology is undoubtedly grabbing the attention of many business firms. This technique somehow reduces the churn that develops during customer engagement which can harm customer satisfaction as a whole.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the predictions Gartner has made as the year 2016 has almost come to an end. Well, technology is taking everything under its umbrella and it is no surprise that it will make big changes in the CRM process of many organizations.

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