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Monday , April 15 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Azurepath

crm-tools-product-review-azurepathCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is extremely crucial for the enterprises, in particular for the small and medium scale businesses. As a budding entrepreneur, you have to face various challenges including declination in sales, client attrition, mismanagement, incongruence of revenue targets, commission policies, etc. Building clientele while identifying their needs is imperative and generally, stands as one of the first steps leading to the company’s success.

Azurepath is an innovative CRM tool that automates the tasks while reducing the workload and providing insights into customer trends and sales forecasting. It allows importing of groups of Excel spreadsheets at once and manage numerous leads, accounts, contacts, and payments.

The automatic highlights allow the users to keep the first communication and close dates current eradicating the need to repeat a myriad of tasks. The searching for contacts, leads and notes can be done using global search.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is available at a price of USD 14.95 per user, per month. The package allows unlimited access to all the features. Any other distinct packages are not available. It provides a 30-day free trial without any credit card requirements.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Azurepath_System SetupSystem Setup
After you register at Azurepath with your company credentials, you can personalize your system, add the company logo, select the color scheme, and input various other details.



Azurepath_Data ImportData Import
The tool allows the users to batch import the data on multiple accounts, leads and contacts directly eliminating the need for manual data entry. It also helps to import the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets quickly.


Azurepath_AccountsManage Accounts
A user can operate all the customer accounts under the Accounts tab. The contact information, assignment details, leads, important dates and transaction details are all displayed in a systematic manner and allow much easier handling of accounts.



Azurepath_LeadsManage Leads
You can arrange the leads in an orderly manner under the Leads tab. The closing dates are shown, and the leads that need quick attention are highlighted thus eliminating the need to use various reminders. The analysis graphs and reports are regularly updated and displayed on the right side of the screen to let you keep track of performance.



Azurepath_TrendsTrend Analysis
Users can easily study the trends within their organizations by referring to the automatically generated charts and graphs that display the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data on various accounts, leads, projects in the pipeline, etc.




Azurepath_ForecastCash-Flow Forecast
The tool analyzes the trends of your accounts and generates a forecast report based on various parameters that can be set by the user. This helps to plan the future course of action to ensure optimized utilization of resources, meeting deadlines, providing customer satisfaction, and maximizing profits.



Azurepath_CommunicationTrackAutomated Communication Tracking
The tool lets you analyze the different communication threads very quickly. The users simply need to add [email protected] to the cc/bcc of the mail sent to the client, and that’s it, Azurepath automatically takes care of the rest.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not provide any mobile apps yet. However, it is readily available via the mobile browser.


The tool provides tight integration with global search. It can import the data spreadsheets from MS Excel in batch, and can easily export the data whenever required.


Azurepath claims to provide 24/7 email support while answering the general questions with the response time of fewer than 6 hours. The phone support is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. The website has an online query form as well. The tutorial videos have also been uploaded on the website to explicate the features comprehensively. The tool also has an influential presence on Twitter.

Pros and Cons of Azurepath


  • Data remains safe and free to export at all times.
  • Easily customizable layouts.
  • Automated communication tracking.
  • Good support and informative tutorials.
  • Highlighting feature.
  • Auto-generation of analysis trends and forecast reports.


  • Unavailability of the mobile app.
  • Single pricing edition.
  • The tool supports only the English language.


The tool provides sought after features for all the CRM needs. The user-friendly interface, an orderly and easy-to-understand arrangement of attributes, automation of communication, analysis, and cash-flow forecasting make the tool stand out and far from the others of its kind.

For more details, please visit azurepath website.

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