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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Online CRM Tools for small business Product Review- BetterProposals

CRM-Tools-Product-review- betterproposalsBored and tired of old and traditional methods of sending proposals. Better Proposals will help you out. You can create attractive and quick proposals that are easy to create and easy to track. Instantly know the status of your proposals by allowing the clients electronically sign the proposals.

You can modify the content and background and make it more attractive to easily and quickly make any deal. The hourly basis backup and many other features keeps you relaxed and your data safe. Make BetterProposals an online CRM tool serve you better and faster by creating templates to include in your proposals.

Editions and Pricing

The application provides a 14 day free trial. Also the pricing strategy followed is per company and not per users. The application has four pricing plans namely, free, starter, premium and unlimited.

PLAN Price (per month) Proposals (per month)
FREE $ 0 2
STARTER $ 14 5
PREMIUM $ 52 50

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard is the landing page after signing in. It show the list of unsigned proposals on the left pane and the sales value on the right pane.



product_review_better_proposal_coverDesign Your Cover
The users can design their own cover that the clients can see by adding their logo, background image and modify the required text.



The users can create their own template by adding the required contents. The users can add pages, title, images, text, testimonial, videos, terms and conditions and customize your own template.


Digital Signature
The clients can now be free from downloading the proposal, signing it and sending you back the signed proposal. The digital signatures allows the clients to sign the proposals digitally. The users are notified immediately on the client signing of the proposal.


product_review_better_proposal_progressProposal Progress
The users can check the progress of their proposal in depth. The users can check if the clients have opened the proposal and signed it or not.



Mobile Accessibility

The application is not available as mobile applications, yet it can still be viewed on a mobile browser without any disturbance.


The application does not have any integration with any other services or applications. But it sends the proposals with your email address.


On successful registration, the team sends an email with certain links to understand the product better and learn to the use product without hurdles. The team also provides video tutorials and option of live chat, email and if required a phone call.

Pros and Cons of Betterproposals


  • Immediate notification about status of proposal.
  • Timely Back up and security.
  • The proposals looks great in all devices from small to big.
  • Allows preview before sending out the template.


  • A template or cover cannot be cancelled while entering the name.
  • The count of unsigned proposal on the dashboard is incorrect.

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Allowing users to customize their proposal and make the cover more attractive makes this application to stand alone from the crowd. The application also allows to include videos and digital signature helping to close the deal quicker.

For more details, please visit: Betterproposals website.

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