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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- CompanyHub

CRM-Tools-Product-review-CompanyHubCustomer Relationship Management is something a business is always cautious about. It is one of the most important task for a company to retain its customer’s data and relevant information to maintain trust and building longer relationships.

There are many software tools in the market that claim to be efficient and strong in managing such data and processing information. These tools are designed to help businesses manage customer data and their integrations, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support additionally managing employee, partners and vendor relationships. CompanyHub is one of such tools that claims to fulfill all these requirements and helping businesses working in a smooth manner.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is available in two versions,
Basic Contact Management: $15 per user/ month with basic CRM functionalities
Sales Accelerator: $20 per user / month with advanced CRM functionalities

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

CompanyHub suggest followups automatically so that the user never misses a lead. If the user had no conversation with a lead for long time, the tool will remind the user to follow up with that lead.


The company option lets the user manage all the companies that are partners, vendors or customers with the business. The tab on the left panel displays a list of all the companies with their details such as Billing Street, Billing City, Billing State and Billing Country. The section also allows user to add or delete rows from the list.


Companyhub-manageContactsManage Contacts
The tool lets you create and manage contacts with their details including email addresses, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ account URLs. The tool also allows users to add notes and add activities to the contact section for detailed information.


Companyhub-createAndMAnageDeals1Companyhub-createAndMAnageDeals2  Creating and Managing Deals
The tool allows users to create and manage business deals. User can select deals option from the left panel to create and manage business deals.

Once a deal is created, the tab when clicked shows a list of all the deals the business is currently dealing with. The panel also allows users to add notes for future reference.


The tool offers extensive reporting options with categories such as




Sales Reports for:

  • Last three Quarters Sales
  • Pipeline by stage
  • Open Deals Count by Stage
  • Last six months Sales
  • Deals one count- Current vs Last Quarter
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Top 5 Deals Won This Quarter

Sales Teams Reports for

  • Top 5 Sales Persons This Quarter
  • Top 5 Sales Persons Last Quarter
  • add notes for future referance of all the deals the business is currently dealing with as soon as it 12 Months
  • Bottom 5 Sales Persons Last Quarter
  • This Quarter Sales by Sales Person
  • Last Quarter Sales by Sales Person
  • Deals Lost in Last 12 Months by Sales Person
  • Deals Won Count for Last 12 Months by Sales Person

Clients Reports for:

  • Top 5 clients Last Quarter
  • Top 5 clients Last 12 Months
  • Top 10 Clients by Amount of Deals Lost Last 12 Months

These reports can be created simply by dragging elements from the right panel into the areas marked for the X and Y axis. The tool also allows you to select chart type from a number of options.


The tool offers strong and immediate support. The user can immediately report an issue with the CompanyHub team.

Pros and Cons of Companyhub


  • Easy to use with a user friendly interface.
  • Works seamlessly with reports as well as people participation and access rights.


  • The tool becomes slow switching between panel sometimes and this may become a little irritating.


The tool not only works efficiently in the CRM activities generating reports and tracking leads, but also efficiently manages clients and other users. Manages their profiles and sets permissions for accessing and processing data.

For more details, please visit: Companyhub website.

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