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Friday , April 19 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Khaos Cloud

CRM-Tools-Product-review-khaos cloud

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Khaos Cloud is one of the best CRM software & most amazing CRM solutions that can help you along your business tasks every day. Loaded with amazing features and a number of external platforms, you do not need to worry about your business activities.

Not only a great CRM solution it is also actually a great ERP application. The tool also includes stock control, sales order management, pick pack and dispatch, accounts management, reordering and much more. With a highly intuitive dashboard, this application works on sales and reporting activities, creating profiles and track your dispatches.

Editions and Pricing

The application is based on a simple pricing plan. Khaos Cloud is currently offering the software for £50 per user per month regardless of the number of orders.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The Dashboard
The Dashboard is the very first screen that will appear to you as you sign up with Khaos Cloud. This powerful section will help you manage your activities better by providing direct links to the various screens and features of the application.


New Sales Order
You can get started by creating a completely new sales order. For this, all you need to do is to click on the “New Sales Order”. This takes you to a new screen where you can select options from the list provided or create a new company. You are given options for Postcode, Surname, and Search Suppliers if do not wish to add a new company.

Create A New Company
You can create a new company from the “New Sales Order” section of the application. A new company can be created by filling in general details such as



  • Code
  • Name
  • Other Ref
  • Source
  • Vendor Ref
  • Company Type
  • Tax Ref
  • Sales Source
  • Web Site
  • Company Class
  • Mailing Flag
  • Company Status
  • CRM (General Note)

Financial Details such as

  • Pay Type
  • Terms
  • Credit Code
  • Disc/ Over
  • Credit Limit
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Credit Review
  • Bank Details, and
  • Account Posting

Address and Contact Details such as:

  • Address
  • Town
  • Country
  • Postal Code
  • Customer Service Details

CRM Details such as:

  • General Note
  • Picking List Note
  • Invoice Note
  • Statement Note
  • Statement Details

Structured Pricing details such as

  • Price List
  • Stock Code
  • Stock Description
  • Price

The reporting section gives you an insight into the overall performance and activities of the product. The reporting section is also quite powerful for the application offering separate reporting capabilities and options for:


  • Product item Sales
  • Customer Sales
  • Invoice Sales
  • Keycode Summary

Manage your CRM better with the CRM option. This section is divided into Leads and opportunities. These options help to manage and track leads and opportunities separately.



Sales Order
This section will help you to track and review your sales orders with a few clicks. The sales order section shows a log of all the customers with whom you are dealing with, with details such as:



  • Code
  • Type
  • URN
  • Name
  • Created
  • Delivery
  • Sent
  • Amount, and
  • Paid Amount

This section lets you manage your shipments better. This section contains segments such as:

  • Sales Invoice Manager
  • Confirm Shipment, and
  • Back Order Manager

Mobile Accessibility

The highly powerful tool is available across mobile devices. The application can be used across Android and iOS Tablets and mobile phones. This feature also makes it more flexible and a priority among others to be used.


The application integrates with a number of external platforms such as:

  • Sage Pay
  • Metapack
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • eBay
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce


As soon as you create a user account to Khaos Cloud, the application takes you t the product tour making you aware of the various features of the tool. Additionally, the official website is highly informative in itself. Almost all the features and capabilities are well defined right at the website. For further assistance, The platforms offer a Contact US page where you can type-in and share any issues you face using the product. Other support options are:

  • Call support
  • Email Support
  • EBook Support

Pros and Cons of Khaos Cloud


  • A number of integrations making the process simpler.
  • Advanced features of returns and courier services make it stand out from the competitors.


  • The Client ID and Username suggested by the application may create confusions.


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  • The application has a distinctive feature for Returns.
  • The tool also integrates Courier feature.
  • Khaos Cloud also has dedicated feature to track and maintain Dispatches.

These two out-of-the-box features can prove to offer an extra edge for e-commerce businesses.

For more details, please visit the Khaos Cloud website .

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