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Thursday , July 25 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Simple CRM System

CRM-Tools-Product-review-simple CRM system

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Simple CRM system is an incredibly straightforward and user-friendly product that can be used as a CRM partner for your organization. Having powerful features and some integrations, this platform offers ease of use for the CRM professionals.

The intuitive spreadsheet that syncs with your Google Calendar is the key player that handles all the process. Direct call using your phone or Skype account does not let you switch over to any third party application for extended services.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing details of Simple CRM System are as under:

Basic Free
Advanced $10 per user per month

Capabilities and Supporting set of Features

simplecrmsystem-thedashboardThe dashboard
The dashboard is the first screen to get started with. As soon as you sign up with Simple CRM System, the application shares some first screens.

These displays explain the basic features and then directs you to the dashboard.

simplecrmsystem-thespreadsheetThe Spreadsheet
The spreadsheet shows all your contacts with details such as:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Status- New or Contacted
  • Email, and
  • Assigned To

Every column in this spreadsheet is provided with options to:

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Explicit Content
  • Set Column Width
  • SUM
  • AVG
  • MAX
  • MIN, and

simplecrmsystem-activityhistoryActivity History
You can view the event history or create details including comments about a customer. This can be done by clicking on the ‘+’ sign on the row for a record. As soon as you click on the + sign, it opens the history tab below the record which displays details.

You can add comments also here. While the below tab is open, the + sign changes into the – sign.

simplecrmsystem-adddeatilstocustomerAdd Details to a Customer
Once you have made an entry about a client, you can add features such as:

  • Set Task
  • Set Appointment
  • Send Email
  • Call using my Phone
  • Email History in Gmail
  • Call using Skype
  • Customer History
  • Bright Row, and
  • Call using Facetime

simplecrmsystem-schedulebetterwithcalendarSchedule Better with the Calendar
Simple CRM System lets you schedule tasks better using the Calendar feature. The Calendar displays the current week highlighting the current day with tasks to accomplish.

Calendar features are loaded with filters such as:

  • Month
  • Week, and
  • Day

You can also sync your Google calendar to pull in business details.

simplecrmsystem-managetasksManage Tasks
Once you have created missions in the calendar, they can be viewed in the Tasks section of the application. The tasks feature lets you open the works with comments.

You can also dismiss the tasks no longer required.

simplecrmsystem-trackeventsthroughhistoryTrack Events through History
You can track important events through the history tab of the application. Just like a web browser, it displays a list of all the activities occurred in the form.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on mobile devices – Android and iOS platforms.


  • Slack
  • Outlook
  • Google apps
  • Gmail


The platform supports its users with the below options:

  • A set of images at the sign-up time.
  • A help section that displays a set of FAQs.
  • Email support for any additional help required.
  • Live demo of the feature set for better understanding.
  • Online live chat support.

Pros and Cons of Simple CRM System


  • Simple, powerful spreadsheet makes the CRM management an easy task.
  • Integrations help to pull in data, information, and prospects from other platforms as well.
  • Sync reminders and appointments with the calendar make workflow smooth.


  • The product is slow to load sometimes.


  • Email campaign and email marketing capabilities are some of the powerful features.
  • Extremely simple and quick to install and get started with the work.

For more details, please visit Simple CRM System website.

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