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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Product review – Salesflare

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Salesflare is an application that can be your perfect CRM partner. Loaded with advanced features and powerful capabilities, the application resolves many CRM issues working as a technical booster. Its contact management, task management, and opportunities feature to make it easier for the CRM team to work with extra power.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 14 day free trial for all users. The application, under the paid plan, charges $30 per user per month (billed annually), and $35 billed monthly.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Top CRM tools  - ToolowlTask Management: The application takes you to the task management feature as soon as you log into it. Here you can get started immediately by typing in your first task. Salesflare is also capable enough to create tasks automatically. The tasks also get marked as completed as you complete them, it does not require extra efforts to mark them as complete. This can be changed in the settings as well. As soon as you add a task and set its details, it immediately gets added to the task list. Tasks can also be viewed as per their status- whether they are upcoming or completed by accessing the links on the top panel.

Top CRM tools - ToolowlManaging Accounts: Salesflare works by inputting data from a number of channels. The tool lets you connect a number of accounts to pull in more data and information making the CRM process easier for you. This way, the application lets you observe your current performance and areas of improvement. Account management is made easy in the application as it scans your emails and pulls suggestions for you. The Create opportunities lets you create small opportunities to make a positive move towards your Customer relationship management tasks. The application is powerful enough to pull insights from tasks, files, and social media to get things easier for you.

Top CRM Tools - ToolowlOpportunities are Making Things Easier: the opportunities that you make can be viewed in the opportunities tab. The application divides these into segments such as – Lead, Contacted, Qualified, Proposal made, Won, and Lost. The opportunities are easy to manage here. Work with easy by simply dragging and dropping them at any place.

Top CRM Tools  - ToolowlManaging the Contacts: Salesflare lets you add contacts and help you manage them. The application is loaded with a special feature where you can see all your contacts divided into customers and pulled in contacts from your Gmail account. The feature also lets you add more contacts right at this place. For this, you can click on the “+” button on the right bottom corner of the screen.

Top CRM tools - ToolowlInsights Keep you informed: The application provides complete insight into the revenue of the current year and its comparison with its previous year. Also, the feature gives insight details about the average sales cycle, won, and new opportunities that are some of the important details you must know. Additionally, this feature gives complete revenue information from the top-earning accounts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tesla, etc.

External Integrations

  • Gmail
  • Office 356
  • Outlook
  • Exchange
  • iCloud
  • Zapier


  • Demo
  • Call Support
  • FAQ Section
  • Product Tour
  • Online live chat

Pros and Cons


  • The application is extremely simple, friendly and easy to use.
  • The opportunities feature lets you manage things by simply drag and drop option.


  • Switching between the tabs is difficult sometimes.

Key Differentiators

  • Automatic task creation and their status updates are some of the key features of the application. This saves a lot of productive time.

For more details, please visit the  Salesflare website.

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