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Monday , June 24 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Targeto

CRM-Tools-Product-review- targeto

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Targeto is one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for startup or any small medium business, which helps the organization to make loyal customers. It is a tool which brings your product and your organization in the social media limelight. The tool focuses on people-based marketing tactic and uses a customized approach to target a particular mass. It helps you publicize your product on various social platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Yahoo Gemini ads. Thus, it helps you connect with various social media platforms using a single tool.

Editions and Pricing

Targeto is currently in its Beta version, a free trial is available, and pricing is not available.

Plans Prices Features
For Businesses Beta Version
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads (Under Development)
  • Yahoo Gemini (Under Development)
  • Call Tracking (Under Development)
  • Domain Per Account (Under Development)
For Agencies Beta Version
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads (Under Development)
  • Yahoo Gemini (Under Development)
  • Call Tracking (Under Development)
  • Domain Per Account (Under Development)

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

When the user login to the website, the first page that appears is the dashboard. It gives a brief summary of the undergoing social media campaign. Targeto displays the numeric data for the number of clicks, responses, and spend on the promotional campaign for the organization.

It will help the user get an approximation about the engagements and the customer relationships.

Target_Contact_ListContact List
Contact list shows a list of all the customers that the organization needs to target. Using the contact details mentioned in this list the tool market the organization product on social media. The tool use people-based targeting methodology, in which individuals get targeted based on their preferences.

The user can create the contact list by filling in information in the form and uploading the list of customers emails and specifying the platforms on which the tool will promote the product. Once the contact list is ready, the campaign is ready to go live.

Target_Ad_LibraryAd Library
The Ad Group feature of the tool displays all the ads created by the organization. Also, it gives an option to create a new ad group which may include Facebook ads and Google ads. The user needs to mention all the additional details, and the tool will create an ad based on the data received from the user.

This option of the tool gives an overview of the current campaign running on the social media platforms. It draws a tabular data to show if the call to action is available, the networks on which the campaign run, the current status, and actions performed on it.

Moreover, the user can also add new campaign for various channels using this tool.

The creative feature of the tool shows all the images and creative stuff uploaded on Targeto by the user. The creative must can include only the .jpg, .png, .jpeg, and .gif files. These visual files help in making the marketing effectiveness and customer oriented. It is because customers get attracted to impressive images.

Therefore, it is a great way to ensure customer engagement.

It gives the report for a particular marketing campaign across the social platforms. It helps to analyze the static and make relevant changes to the future campaigns. The user can apply a filter of date to get the data about a particular date. This feature helps in analyzing the success and failure of an ad campaign.

It shows the various social platform which the tool integrates. Google and Facebook are available for use, while Twitter and Yammer are still under development.


Mobile Accessibility

Mobile app for Targeto is not available.


Targeto has integration with Zapier.


Targeto provides 24/7 phone, email and chats support.

Pros and Cons of Targeto


  • It provides customized people-based market campaign.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It provides a call to action feature.
  • Customizable add campaigns
  • Multiple social media channel engagement


  • A few features of the tool are currently under development.


The tool enables the people-based campaign which makes it more personalized and helps earn more customers. It is the stand out feature of the tool which does not target the mass but selects a few from the mass and makes them loyal customers.

For more details visit Targeto website.

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